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Bloganuary - January Blog Challenge - Day 17: Happy Day

Welcome! Today for the Bloganuary challenge, we have a difficult prompt: "Describe the happiest day of your life." I'm not going to answer this question exactly, because frankly, I have no way of knowing what the happiest day of my life was. I don't really understand how people classify things this way, like there's always a number one. My mind doesn't work that way. I don't have a number one of anything, but a rotating collection of favorites. So my way of answering today's challenge would be to pick one happy day - not necessarily "the happiest," because I don't rank days according to their happiness.

Even if I wasn't a little annoyed and befuddled by this prompt, it would still be difficult for me. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. One way in which this manifests for me is making it extremely hard to store and recall positive memories. People with BPD are neurologically biased to remember negative events and feelings. But I'm not complaining. This blog prompt is good practice for me. I can rake my brain and force myself to recall something happy. Although it's a difficult prompt, I'm up for the challenge!


After about an hour of thinking, I still couldn't come up with a good answer I felt comfortable writing about. I'm frustrated, and I guess I technically failed the challenge. I'm not going to come up with something very happy or describe it in detail. I guess the closest thing I can think of to say is that I had a very good day on this past Dec 30th. I went to a sushi restaurant with my dad and then had an online drinking party with friends on Discord. It was a happy day. That's all I have in me to write. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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