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Ouran High School Host Club MBTI

Welcome, readers! Since I love the MBTI model and I love Ouran Highschool Host Club, it was only a matter of time before I made this post. Here, I'll explore the characters of Ouran and their personality types. Now, there are plenty of big fancy websites, like Personality Database, that could tell you about these characters' personality types. But the benefit of reading my analysis is that I provide justifications for why a character is a given type. I sometimes throw in some unique thoughts or insights. Even if you use those fancy websites, maybe consider giving my tiny blog a look as well.

Please note that disagreements will certainly exist. If you disagree with the way I've categorized someone, feel free to start a discussion about it in the comments. However, any rude or condescending comments will be deleted. Be nice.

Without further ado, I present to you my list of Ouran Highschool Host Club characters and their MBTI types!


Akita Komatsuzawa: ESTJ

Komatsuzawa is the president of the newspaper club. In episode 14, he tries to dig up dirt on the Host Club in order to produce a sensational news story. It goes humorously wrong. Based on stereotypes, I would say this young man is an ESTJ. He's bossy, aggressive, and overly serious about things. He's a leader who runs a club, and he likes being in charge. ESTJs when well-balanced can be very good leaders who make tough calls for the greater good. However, when turbulent, this type is often seen as rude, abrasive, and scheming.


Arai: ISFJ

Arai was a classmate of Haruhi in their middle school, where he had a major crush on her. Now he's spending the summer working at a grocery market. He appears at the bed-and-breakfast in episode 15 to deliver a fresh watermelon. Arai is very sweet and friendly, but not especially animated or energetic. He's probably introverted and feeling. I would guess he is a judging type because of how serious he can be and his general attitude of having things in good order. To me, Arai seems more like an ISFJ than an INFJ. I think he's more practical and sensory-oriented.


Benio Amakusa: ESFP

Benio is the president of the Zuka theater club at St. Lobelia Girls' Academy. She is extremely popular and viewed as a princely figure by her female admirers. Unfortunately, she is also headstrong and stubborn, with a short temper and a strong sense of entitlement. Benio's overzealous character and her absurd actions serve to make her strawman presentation of a lesbian feminist. She's there for the boys to vili

fy and laugh at. That being the case, it's pretty useless trying to give Benio a serious type analysis. Going by stereotypes, however, I would say she is ESFP. They are bold, original action-takers and extroverts who shine in the spotlight. They are known as entertainers, which is fitting for the leader of a theater club.


Eclair Tonnerre: INFJ

Eclair appears in the last two episodes of Ouran, where she is the arranged fiancé of Tamaki. The anime portrays this character primarily in a negative light, as someone who is proud, aloof, clever, and sometimes spiteful. This, despite being perceived by society as a fine young lady of nobility. However, at a few points, it seems like Ouran also makes a point of saying Eclair is only human. She doesn't feel loved and she craves attention despite not being able to express that. Eclair probably has her own share of issues, so don't judge too harshly. If I had to guess, I would say Eclair is INFJ. She's quiet and mysterious, but highly emotional, and driven toward her own goals. Something about this all suggests INFJ.


Fuyumi Ohtori: Unknown

Fuyumi is Kyouya's older sister and she seems very supportive of him. Unfortunately, we don't see enough of her in the anime to determine a personality type.


Haruhi Fujioka: INTP

Haruhi is the beloved protagonist of Ouran High School Host Club. This character is very important to me personally, and helped shape my sense of identity and self-expression. But that's not what this post is supposed to be about, so let's focus. Haruhi is from a low income home being raised by her single father. She got into the esteemed Ouran Academy as an honor student, only because of her exceptionally good grades. I will be spending more time on this character since she's so critical to the show. Let's go over some of her personality traits and then talk about why she's probably INTP.

Sometimes Haruhi is called "an unmotivated heroine," because she isn't normally very invested in the events of the Host Club and isn't particularly adventurous. But she actually has an immense amount of motivation for her personal dreams; she wants to become a lawyer, and she has the brains for it. Despite being naturally introverted, Haruhi can entertain guests at the Host Club with her own quiet charisma. Intelligent, open-minded, and understanding, Haruhi is truly amazing. However, she doesn't consider herself special at all. She's neither too humble nor too proud.

Another important thing to know about Haruhi is that she's incredibly stubborn. That being said, if someone can prove to her that her logic is flawed, she is quite open to correction. Emotional appeals do not work on Haruhi, and she sometimes seems deadpan or monotone. The issue certainly isn't that she lacks emotions; she just isn't especially good at dealing with them. It's hard for her to be vulnerable with others. In addition, she is a highly logical person in general. Her logical self is well balanced out with a tendency to support others when she has perspective or help to offer. Haruhi is kind.

Although for a time I considered the possibility of Haruhi being INFJ, I now think INTP is more appropriate. She is certainly highly intuitive, evidenced by her keen mind, thoughtfulness, and abstract thinking. Given her logical mindset, she is slightly more of a thinker than a feeler. That Haruhi is an introvert is certain. Although this character is determined to achieve her dream, this is an exception to the rule of how she usually works. She's not much of a planner and is good at winging things. Putting it altogether, Haruhi is introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. She's a great example of an INTP protagonist.


Hikaru Hitachiin: ENTP

Hikaru is one of the twin brothers in the Hitachiin family. He is extremely close with his brother Kaoru. Hikaru joined the Host Club reluctantly after being pestered enough by Tamaki. Though Hikaru is extroverted, he doesn't get along well with others due to emotional issues. On a surface level, however, he can entertain and chat with ladies all day long-- provided his brother is there. Hikaru is extremely mischievous, intelligent, and witty. He loves games and pranks, and can be a troll. He has a natural desire to challenge things, and while this could be developed in a positive way, it also makes him harsh toward others at times.

I believe Hikaru is an ENTP. These are known as visionaries and debaters, those who bring about creative solutions to problems and challenge everything. We know this boy is an extrovert, and it's probable that he's intuitive due to his academic excellence and lack of interest in sensory activities. As a thinker, Hikaru is capable of being highly logical; but he often fails to respect the feelings and values of others because of his obliviousness to normal emotional considerations. Finally, he is a perceiver, someone who "wings it" rather than making detailed plans ahead of time. To sum it up, Hikaru is extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving: ENTP.

Due to emotional and social issues, Hikaru can be extremely unpleasant to others-- especially when genuinely angry, and also sometimes for sadistic entertainment. He can be insulting and just plain cruel. Certain personality types might be more prone to certain issues, it's true. Hikaru's thinking nature makes him predisposed to being insensitive. But it's important to remember that this boy's psychological struggles and flaws do not define him or his personality type. Any type can have problems. Hikaru slowly improves over time, but he's still got a long way to go.


Isao Sonoda: ESFJ

A minor supporting character, Sonoda appears in episode 15 at the bed and breakfast. It's unclear whether this person is supposed to be a trans woman or someone more like Haruhi's father who enjoys crossdressing as a hobby. I interpret Sonoda as a woman, albeit a badly presented and stereotyped trans character. Anyway, Ms. Sonoda is extremely energetic, warm, and friendly. She has a taste for nice things, from indoor decorating to fine food. Sometimes, Sonoda can be overbearing or a little bossy. She loves taking care of others and giving them good experiences, which is why she runs the bed-and-breakfast. This all sounds distinctly like an ESFJ.


Kanako Kasugasaki: ISFJ

Kanako is another minor supporting character. She is a regular attendee of the Host Club after school. Whoever she's with, she is flirtatious, charming, and lovely. But for a long time, she switched between different hosts, never settling on who she liked. It turned out this was her way of coping with the fact that the person she really liked was moving away. The Host Club helps Kanako recognize her issue and sets her up for a dance with her crush. Though she has good people skills, Kanako is still an introvert in my opinion. I think ISFJ is the best fit because she's emotionally driven (feeling), focused on physical reality (sensing) and organized and thorough (judging). ISFP is another possibility, but ISFJ is my guess.


Kaoru Hitachiin: ENFP

Kaoru is one of the twin brothers in the Hitachiiin family who joined the Host Club. He is deeply attached and close with his brother Hikaru. The two are so similar-- in both appearance and behavior-- that nobody can tell them apart. Compared to his more aggressive brother, Kaoru can get along much better with others. He is kinder, more thoughtful, and more emotionally in tune. That being said, he still doesn't like to be vulnerable with others and keeps his deep inner world to himself most of the time. Kaoru is fun-loving and mischievous with a sharp mind and a love of jokes and pranks. As an extravert, he enjoys being in the spotlight with Hikaru.

It's a little bit hard to tell what type Kaoru would be, but my guess is ENFP. It's clear that he's extraverted, although perhaps slightly less so than his brother. He's probably intuitive, with imaginative, abstract, and original thinking. And much like Hikaru, Kaoru is perceiving, being more suited to handling things on the fly and living in the present than planning for the future. But unlike Hikaru, Kaoru is a feeling type. He considers the situational details and the emotions and values of others into his decisions. He has a rich inner world of emotions. If we put this all together, Kaoru is an ENFP.


Kirimi Nekozawa: INFP

Kirimi appears in episode 11 as the little sister of emo goth student Nekozawa. Unlike her brother, Kirimi loves "sweetness and light." She likes romance, fairy tales, and shoujo manga. She says she wants a big brother who is princely and beautiful, but all she truly wants is a big brother who will love and protect her. It's hard to say Kirimi's type because she only appears in one episode and she's a child. However, if I must guess, I would go with INFP. This type is known for their romanticism, sweetness, and imagination.


Kyouya Ohtori: INTJ

Kyouya is my second favorite character and a main member of the Host Club. As the brains of the operation, he's sometimes called the Shadow King of the Host Club. He's also probably the one who knows and respects Tamaki the most, despite teasing him a lot. Kyouya is not only highly intelligent, but also analytical, organized, and thorough in all his efforts. If Kyouya occasionally acts like "the bad guy," it's only because he's trying to prove a point and doesn't particularly care how he is perceived. I consider Kyouya a bit arrogant, and he also has the tendency to be grumpy and inflexible. However, he has a great sense of humor and irony, along with his own natural charm and air of detached refinement. This makes him a popular host.

Kyouya has one of the most interesting character arcs in the series in my opinion, but that's not what I'm supposed to be discussing. Let's look instead at his MBTI type. INTJ is most likely. Despite being outwardly confident most of the time, Kyouya is an introvert who desperately needs his alone time. Like most of the hosts, he's intuitive, with a very sharp and innovative mind. There's no question that he's a thinker, making decisions based on a strict logical system, and sometimes ignoring or forgetting the human element. Lastly, Kyouya is a judging type, which means he's more of a planner and a future-oriented person. Living in the moment can be difficult for him. Looking at this altogether, it's clear that this young man is an INTJ.


Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka: ESFP

Honey is one of the main hosts and is known as the "boy lolita." Despite being one of the oldest hosts, he's short, petite, and extremely childlike. Rather than being made insecure, Honey embraces it. He loves acting "kawaii", getting praise and attention, and being given sweet snacks. All things cutesy are appealing to Honey. This unusual young man has a close relationship with Mori, and although Honey is definitely the sugar-baby, he still loves and respects Mori in his own way. The most notable trait about Honey is not his love of cake and cuteness, but his determination to be himself. His family tries to push toxic masculinity onto him, wanting him to be the manly heir to the family's martial arts. But Honey persists in his unique self-expression.

I think Honey would have to be ESFP. This "social butterfly" type is known for its energy, boldness, and unique self-expression. On the negative side, an ESFP can be brash and selfish-- and sometimes not too bright academically. But on the positive side, an ESFP can be a fun, uplifting friend to have crazy adventures with. They are also very sensory-oriented, often having great skills in sports or other physical skills. This also fits Honey, who is a martial arts black-belt. ESFP types are extraverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. It sounds like Honey if you ask me.


Momoka Kurakano: Unknown

Momoka is such a minor character that she doesn't even get a formal introduction in the anime. However, if you pay attention, you can see that she's around in a lot of shots and episodes. Investigation reveals that Momoka is Haruhi's classmate and one of the fangirls who favors Haruhi at the Host Club. Momoka is also the character that Kazukiyo has a crush on. It's clear that Momoka is confident, intelligent, and kind. Beyond that, I don't know anything about her, so I have no guess for her MBTI type.


Shima Maezono: ISTJ

Ms. Maezono is head of the household staff at the Suoh mansion where Tamaki lives. She's in charge of all the maids and cooks, and it's her job to teach Tamaki about Japanese etiquette and culture. We only see this older lady once in the anime that I can remember, but she leaves an impression. She is the stereotypical ISTJ. This type is known on the plus side for being dutiful, organized, and loyal. On the negative side, they can sometimes be too strict, perfectionistic, and judgmental. On the neutral side of things, they are often traditional, and have immense love for their small circle of family and friends. Maezono seems to have all these traits, so ISTJ makes sense.


Renge Houshakuji: ESFP

Renge is the self-proclaimed "manager" of the Host Club and a female otaku who loves manga, dating sims, and reverse harems. She transferred into Ouran Academy to pursue Kyouya, who she confused with a character in a dating sim. She had to learn the hard way not to make characters out of real people. After being royally rejected by Kyouya, Renge developed a crush on Haruhi. I have trouble understanding Renge, and she's largely a comic relief character meant to be absurd on purpose. Determining her type is therefore difficult. My immediate guess would be ESFP, but my degree of confidence is low.


Ritsu Kasanoda: ISTP

Kasanoda is the heir of a small Yazuka family, and due to his family's money, he can afford to attend the elite Ouran Academy. This young man is brusque, awkward, and sometimes abrasive in social situations. He doesn't have any ill will; in fact, he really just wants to have fun with friends. But his awkwardness and his naturally intimidating look make others reluctant to interact with them, and he has no idea what to do. Kasanoda developed a crush on Haruhi, which prompted him to try even harder to become more social. With some help from his followers and the Host Club, he's making progress.

My immediate guess for Kasanoda was ESTP, but now I don't think that fits. Kasanoda seems more like an introvert to me. He's certainly a sensing type, preferring practical action to imaginative thought. Additionally, he seems like a thinking type. Many thinking types come across as cold or harsh when they don't mean to, and it can be a struggle to learn to be more sensitive. Lastly, Kasanoda is definitely someone who lives in the moment and honestly seems bad at any kind of thinking ahead or planning. He is interested in living a fun life while following his personal sense of logic. If we combine all that information, it seems likely that this young man is an ISTP.


Ryouji Fujioka: ESFJ

Ryouji is Haruhi's father who raises her alone after the death of his wife. He is quite a colorful character, as he's openly bisexual, and works at a bar where he cross-dresses as a woman. Despite having the polar opposite MBTI type as Haruhi, Ryouji has a strong and loving relationship with his daughter. He truly cherishes her. That being said, he can also be overbearing, fussy, and slightly possessive with regards to Haruhi. In terms of personality, Ryouji is extremely loving, fairly extraverted, and determined to be himself despite the judgment of others. I think he's an ESFJ because they are, on the positive side, graceful and dedicated caretakers; and on the negative side, they can be overbearing and/or manipulative.


Shiro Takaouji: ISFP

Shiro appears in episode 6, seeking the Host Club's help with impressing his crush. Despite being the one who wanted help, Shiro is incredibly stubborn and obstinate. He doesn't work well with others, and can be outright rude. But on the inside, he's sensitive, and just wants to express his feelings to the people he loves. I believe Shiro is an ISFP. This type is highly emotional, and those intense emotions can direct them into becoming some of the most determined people imaginable. They are more introspective and individualistic than their ESFP cousins, but they share some traits, like exceptional physical capabilities. They are often drawn to art or music. This all seems to fit with Shiro, an emotional and brash young boy with a gift for the piano and and an independent nature.


Shizue Suoh: ESTJ

Shizue is Tamaki's paternal grandmother. The only thing we know about her is that she's a royal bitch. She hated Tamaki's mother, who was lower class, so she forced her out of the family completely. Despite the fact that Tamaki is now the heir to the family, Shizue despises her grandson and often tries to ignore his very existence. Giving an MBTI type to such a one-dimensional character might be unfair. Be aware that I'm only going by stereotypes. ESTJs are known to be harsh, and I think this type is the best fit for Shizue. When they are negative, ESTJs are a lot like Shizue. Please keep in mind, however, that not every ESTJ is a terrible person, and that anyone of any type is prone to some issues.


Souga Kazukiyo: INFP

Kazukiyo appears in episode 21 as one of Haruhi's classmates. He was against putting on a Halloween fair and haunted house because he gets frightened easily. Although Kazukiyo has an immense crush on Momoka, he's too self-conscious to take action with it. During the haunted house night, however, Kazukiyo manages to connect with Momoka in a promising way. I believe this boy would be INFP because he's sweet, gentle, and romanticist. He also deals with a lot of intense emotions like fear and self-doubt. INFPs are also highly emotional, and since they are usually quite introverted, it's common for them to have anxiety. I know that's a bit of a stereotype, but I think it's good enough for labeling a very minor character.


Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka: ISTP

Mori is the most quiet and introverted of the main hosts in the club. He has a close relationship with Honey, whom he calls by his first name, Mitsukuni. In general, Mori is also the most laidback and "chill" host. Nothing seems to upset his sense of calm. He's reassuring for those around him not only because he's tall and physically strong, but also because he keeps a cool head.

With his martial arts skills and lack of abstract thought, Mori is mostly likely a sensing type. Certainly, he would be a perceiver, someone who does well with winging situations in-the-moment. That means Mori would either be ISFP or ISTP. I think the latter is much more likely, since Mori doesn't have the intense emotional nature common to an ISFP. Mori is an ISTP, which means he's the same type as Kasanoda. But the two are quite different. While Kasanoda is always on edge and has a tendency toward grumpiness, Mori is usually calm with a more depressive tendency. This just goes to show how much room there is for individual differences in the MBTI model.


Tamaki Suoh: ESFJ

Tamaki is the founder and leader of the Host Club. He's from an extremely rich family, and is half French, half Japanese. This young man is deeply flawed, but also has so many good qualities. I'll provide examples of both sides. Speaking positively, Tamaki is empathetic, cheerful, optimistic, driven to take care of others, and determined to be a good, brave leader. On the minus side, he is overly emotional, sometimes bossy, possessive of Haruhi, mildly misogynistic, and insistent on having his way. Tamaki is also oblivious to his own feelings-- especially with Haruhi. The lack of intellect Tamaki shows is mostly played for laughs, but he's actually reasonably intelligent.

As far as I'm concerned, Tamaki is a textbook ESFJ. He's clearly extraverted, and possesses strong charisma. His sensing nature is evidenced by his practical skills, great appreciation of art and physical beauty, and tendency to take action rather than think of creative solutions. Tamaki is an extremely emotional person, so there's no doubt he's a feeling type. Finally, although his outbursts sometimes make him seem chaotic, this young man is a judging type. He leads others well, and is thorough and conscientious. ESFJ is the obvious choice for Tamaki.


Testuyo Sendou: INFJ/ISFJ

Tetsuyo is a supporting character who appears in two episodes along with Kasanoda. After Kasanoda found him and befriended him in during a tough time, Tetsuyo joined his group. He sees himself as a servant or caretaker for Kasanoda, caring about him immensely. In terms of personality, Tetsuyo is dedicated, calm, understanding, and accepting. His sense of humility and honor are important to him. I think it's fairly obvious he would be an introvert, a judging type, and a feeler. The question is whether he's ISFJ or INFJ. To be frank, I'm not sure. My gut says INFJ, but it's hard to say. Decide for yourself.


Tohru Suzushima: ISFJ

Young Mr. Suzushima is the fiancé of Kanako, whom he loves dearly. The two were childhood friends. Suzushima is said to be unsociable, and he does seem quiet and awkward. He's probably an introvert. Being less of an academic whiz than most good students at Ouran, he is instead better at practical trades. He loves fine china and the art and craftsmanship involved. This all suggests sensing. Suzushima is sweet, humble, and kind. He doesn't always make the most logical decisions. It's likely that he is a feeler. Finally, Suzushima is dedicated, serious, and loyal: a judging type. Clearly, he's an ISFJ. They are known for their sweetness and fierce loyalty.


Umehito Nekozawa: INFP

Nekozawa is a humorously goth/emo student who is afraid of the light. He is interested in curses and all things dark and occult. Additionally, he's the older brother of Kirimi. It's not possible to know his personality type based on his limited appearances, but think it's likely that he could be an INFP like his sister. There are many cases in fiction of stable INFPs that are in tune with their values, optimistic, romanticist, and sweet-natured. But there are just as any cases of turbulent INFPs, who typically have issues with fears and anxiety. Nekozawa, however, can overcome his fear and hatred of direct sunlight if it's to protect Kirimi when she's scared. It's very sweet indeed.


Yabu: Unknown

Dr. Yabu appears in episode 3 of Ouran. He is a small-time physician who wanders into the academy on the day when all the rich, big-time doctors are there checking on the students. His goal is to find his daughter, who left him along with his wife, but he fails miserably and ruins everything. There's not enough information to give a decent guess about Yabu's personality type. I believe he might be perceiving and intuitive, so XNXP, but beyond that, I'm clueless.


Yasuchika "Chika" Haninozuka: ESTJ

Chika is Honey's younger brother, but the two are nothing alike. Honey just wants to have fun; Chika is intense and serious. Honey is effeminate; Chika strives to be perceived as a strong man. Honey is spontaneous and noncommittal; Chika is conscientious and organized. And so on and so forth. Based on his harshness, Chika would probably be an unbalanced Thinking type. He's definitely a judging type. Moreover, this boy is probably a sensing type, what with his amazing physical skills and his pragmatic action-taking. Chika is either an ISTJ or an ESTJ. The main reason I think he's an ESTJ is that they tend to be bolder and more abrasive.


Yoshio Ohtori: INTJ

Yoshio is Kyouya's father. Not much is known about him other than he's involved in the medical field and is extremely rich. We also know that he is a huge source of pressure and intimidation on Kyouya. He expects Kyouya to surpass his older brothers, and failure is not an option. Yoshio even strikes Kyouya in public at one point to punish him for wasting time at the Host Club. When Kyouya manages to outdo his father in a bold business move, Yoshio is amused instead of perturbed. He always keeps a cool head. I think Yoshio is an INTJ because they can be strict, calculating, and emotionally detached. ISTJ would be another possibility, but to me, this man seems to have the innovative mind of an intuitive type.


Yuzuru Suoh: Unknown

Yuzuru is Tamaki's father and the chairman at Ouran Academy. He seems to be rather nontraditional, because despite immense pressure and conditioning from his family, he had a child with a lower-class French woman while abroad. But he also seems to be somewhat callous, since he didn't stop his mother from driving the French girl out of the family and forcing Tamaki to undergo training as the family heir. Regardless, there is not enough information for me to formulate a good guess about Yuzuru's personality type.


Thanks for reading!

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