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Re: Zero Character MBTI Types

Welcome! Today's post is a rather extensive list of Re: Zero anime characters and their MBTI types. A few minor characters have been left out, such as Subaru's parents. A couple of others were left out because I don't remember them from the anime (Aldebaran, for instance).

It's important to know that the information and analyses in this post are only based on the Re: Zero anime. I have not read the original light novels or checked out any manga version. Please keep that in mind.

Additionally, please know that there are bound to be some disagreements about MBTI types of characters. If you disagree with one of my conclusions, feel free to leave a comment. Just keep it polite.

Warning: There will be some spoilers in this article


Re: Zero MBTI


Anastasia Hoshin: ENTJ

Anastasia is the head of the Hoshin Trading Company and a candidate for king in the royal selection. She appears in a few episodes of the first season of Re: Zero, but most of her screen-time and lines are in episode sixteen. Based on her behavior in that episode, I would guess Anastasia is an ENTJ. She is an imaginative but logical thinker and a good, intelligent leader. The top two functions she uses are definitely thinking and intuition, which is indeed what we see in an ENTJ. People of this type are often in charge and bold-natured. That is also reflective of Anastasia.


Beatrice: INTP

An old spirit in the form of a little girl, Beatrice lives in the forbidden library in Roswaal's mansion. She is begrudgingly helpful to Subaru on many occasions. It was difficult for me to tell Beatrice's type because she doesn't fit into most of the stereotypes. The consensus from multiple online communities is that Beatrice is an INTP. I think this is a good example of a time where the MBTI doesn't always have an answer. Nevertheless, we'll go with INTP for the purposes of this post. Let's break down Beatrice's personality traits.

There's no question that Beatrice is a bit antisocial. She spends most of her time alone, and isn't the most friendly, energetic, or talkative. Introversion is definitely one of her traits. Beatrice is interested in books, knowledge, and magic. She also seems to be fairly imaginative, so she's probably intuitive. With regards to judging and perceiving, the spirit girl is most likely the latter. She lacks the rigorous nature of a judging type and the desire to work toward long-term goals. That being said, Beatrice also upkeeps the library, so she is a case of a perceiver with good organizational skills.

As for feeling versus thinking, it's hard to tell. There are times when Beatrice definitely uses emotional reasoning, and she sticks stubbornly to her own values. This sounds like Fi (introverted feeling). However, one could also argue that she is following an internal logic system like Ti (introverted thinking). Additionally, Beatrice's easy frustration with others seems to stem from her wanting everything to make logical sense all the time. When things do not follow logic, or people can't keep up, Beatrice becomes impatient. So, I think she shows a slight preference toward thinking.

Putting this altogether, Beatrice indeed seems like an INTP. The stereotype for INTP is an incredibly intelligent and often witty person with low motivation and little desire to participate in social life. This actually fits Beatrice better than I originally realized.


Carmilla: INFP

Carmilla is the Witch of Lust. She appears briefly in season 2 of Re: Zero. Although her part in the story is miniscule, she still left a distinct impression. Based on MBTI stereotypes, the best fit would be INFP. Carmilla is shy and timid. She loves others deeply and she used her powers to try to spread love. Though it's only a stereotype, INFPs are often quiet and unsure; they also have a deep wealth of emotions and are capable of great empathy.


Corneas Regulus: ENTP

Corneas is in the Witch's Cult where he is the the Archbishop of Greed. He appears in season 2 of Re: Zero. His most distinct trait is that he loves to talk. Corneas is also clever and tends to patronize his enemies. If you look at the MBTI stereotypes, Corneas sounds like an ENTP. I think that is the best fit for him, since it's pretty clear he uses extraverted intuition (Ne) and introverted thinking (Ti).


Crusch Karsten: ISTJ

Crusch is one of the candidates in the royal selection, aiming to become King of Lugnica. She is a proficient warrior and a strong, honest leader of her forces. Although Crusch is an outspoken leader, she probably isn't extraverted. We'll revisit that later. The next point to make is that she's definitely a sensing type. She is sensible, practical, and down-to-earth, valuing security over curiosity. One of Crusch's most noticeable traits is her rational thinking. As a thinking type, she bases her decisions on a system of logic, and is not well in tune with emotions. Finally, Crusch is a planner and future-oriented person. That suggests she's a judging type. So, Crusch is either ESTJ or ISTJ.

In my opinion, this swordswoman is not quite as intense or domineering as the typical ESTJ. She also seems a little bit socially awkward in her more casual interactions. In other words, Crusch is probably introverted, which makes her an ISTJ. People of this type are honest, dedicated, and loyal. They always take duty and responsibility very seriously. It sounds like Crusch is the textbook ISTJ.


Daphne: Unknown

Daphne is the Witch of Gluttony who only appears in two episodes in season 2. Since her role is small, it's not easy to guess her type. The light novels might have more information, but this article is only based on the anime. I don't believe there is enough information to know her type.


Echidna: ENTP

Echidna is the Witch of Greed whose spirit still dwells in the Clemaldy Sanctuary after her death. She is also the one who gives the trials necessary to free those trapped in the Sanctuary. Since Echidna gets a lot of time in season 2, it was easy to determine her type. Without even an analysis, Echidna is obviously an ENTP. This type is often called the debater or the devil's advocate, and they are usually extremely bright. Additionally, they are often very knowledgeable and driven to find more knowledge.

This all sounds like Echidna to a T. Her motivation is learn more knowledge. Although she's charming and charismatic, she is also a witch who can't be trusted. She often teases Subaru and enjoys being a little exasperating. As you can see, Echidna is an ENTP.


Elsa Granhiert: ESTP

Elsa is a bounty hunter and assassin who serves as an important antagonist in both seasons of Re: Zero. She is extremely interested in sensory experiences-- like cutting open guts-- and is an excellent and agile fighter. It's pretty clear that Elsa uses extraverted sensing (Se) as one of her main functions. The other main function is probably Ti (introverted thinking), since Elsa seems more like a thinker than a feeler. She's more logical and analytical than emotional. All of this means that Elsa is an ESTP. This type is wild and loves living on the edge, so it's a great fit for the sadistic and active assassin.


Emilia: INFJ

Emilia is a Half-Elf and one of the candidates for the royal selection. She has a mysterious past and a gentle personality. As an introvert, Emilia needs plenty of alone time and interacts with people better in smaller groups or one-on-one. She is also shy, awkward and lacking in confidence. It's pretty clear that Emilia is intuitive, having a good imagination and a curious spirit. She can be something of a space cadet and lacks in practicality.

As for thinking and feeling, this half-elf is most definitely the latter. She's empathetic and sensitive, with a rich inner world of emotions. It seems like she uses emotional reasoning sometimes. Although she may not be the most organized person ever, Emilia is a judging type who prefers to have a plan and takes life very seriously. She tries her best to be thorough, with dedication and focus. With all this information put together, it seems Emilia is an INFJ. This type's two dominant functions are introverted intuition (Ni) and extraverted feeling (Fe). Emilia is keenly intuitive and extremely caring toward others, so this fits well.

Additional Note: I used to think Emilia was an ENFJ, and I still think that's a valid opinion that can be argued. But now, INFJ seems to me like it fits her better. Why? Well, an ENFJ's number one function is Fe, which is people-oriented. It's critical for them to help others. For an INFJ, Fe is still an important function, but it's not number one. An INFJ tends to be more focused on long-term personal goals than helping everyone all the time. Both types have a strong sense of justice, which we also see in Emilia. So, I think it's acceptable to consider her ENFJ if INFJ doesn't sound right to you.


Felix Argyle: ENFP

Felix is one of the catlike Beastfolk as well as the right-hand man of Crusch Karsten. He has such a feminine voice and appearance that he is sometimes mistaken for a girl. Outgoing and energetic, Felix is most likely extraverted. Additionally, he's slightly more intuitive than sensing, relying on his keen mind and natural intuition to best serve Lady Crusch. He isn't a good physical fighter, but uses magic and functions as a healer. So far it sounds like extraverted intuition (Ne) might be the number one function for Felix.

What about Felix's next cognitive function? Well, I think some of his defining traits are his love for Crusch and his adherence to his personal values systems. He can sometimes get a little emotional and speak impulsively. This all seems a lot like introverted feeling (Fi). If you look at which type uses Ne/Fi dominantly, the answer is ENFP. This type can be something of a wild child, but they are also kind and sensitive. ENFPs are laidback and reckless, but can readily work toward sharpening their minds and being effective in many different areas. Felix certainly fits the bill.


Felt: ESTP

Felt was originally a thief for hire in the slums of the capital city. She later unexpectedly became the fifth candidate for the royal selection. She is stubborn, independent, and impulsive. Although her skills don't yet compare to those of an experienced adult, Felt is clearly physically gifted. She's fast, agile, and can defend herself from thugs. Additionally, Felt has a no-nonsense attitude with regard to her work and never lets feelings-- or social values-- interfere with business. She follows a system of internal logic. Extraverted sensing (Se) and introverted thinking (Ti) are likely her main functions. That makes her an ESTP. Sure enough, this type has a reputation for being defiant, reckless, and street-smart.


Frederica Baumann: ISFJ

Frederica is a part-human, part-beastman maid who works at Roswaal's mansion most of the time. She's a good friend of Ram and the elder sister of Garfiel. This mature maid is practical and effective in her work. Also, Frederica is very down-to-earth and values security. She is a sensing type, and it seems like it's introverted sensing (Si) that she uses. Her form of sensing is calmer and more thoughtful. Frederica's secondary cognitive function would have to be Fe (extraverted feeling), as evidenced by her loving, nurturing nature and desire to help others. Looking at these two functions, it's obvious that Frederica is an ISFJ.

People of this type are often quiet caretakers and patient workers-- but you don't want to make them snap. Despite their usual sweetness, they can be extremely destructive if they're pushed over the edge. In the case of Frederica, she can literally turn into a beast if need be, so this a humorously good fit for her.


Garfiel Tinsel: ESTP

(There are several Re: Zero characters who fit the bill for ESTP, so I apologize if my analysis is a bit redundant for Garfiel.)

Garfiel is a half-human, half-beastman boy who lives in Clemaldy Sanctuary and wants to free the people trapped there. He is Frederica's younger brother. This beastly boy's defining trait is his aggression. He's constantly snapping at or antagonizing others, and he can't seem to control his anger. Furthermore, Garfiel is not very empathetic and does not care about social harmony at all. As a thrill-seeker, he's always impulsively charging into things. Finally, Garfiel is an excellent fighter and athlete in both his humanoid and beat forms. He's the only one in season 2 who stands a fair chance against Elsa.

What can we gather about Garfiel's type based on this? He probably uses Se (extraverted sensing) and Ti (introverted thinking). That makes him an ESTP. Of all the examples of this type in Re: Zero, Garfiel is the one who fits the ESTP stereotype the best. Many ESTPs are also thrill-seekers with some anger issues. The most important thing to Garfiel is to not be boxed in. This also reflects the ESTP's desires.


Julius Euclius: ISTJ

Julius is the human knight who represents and serves Anastasia Hoshin. Since he doesn't get as much screen-time or as many lines as a main character, determining his type was a bit difficult for me. My best guess is ISTJ. There are certain tendencies or patterns that each type has, both positive and negative. On the positive side, ISTJs are typically assertive, dutiful, and practical. On the negative side, an ISTJ can be extremely stubborn, arrogant, and impatient with others. Julius shows both the positive and negative traits commonly associated with an ISTJ. That explains my choice.


Meili Poltlout: ENTP

Meili is an antagonist in season 2 who was hired to help Elsa kill Subaru and the maids of Roswaal's mansion. She is a powerful user of mabeasts (AKA witch-fiends). There isn't enough information for a comprehensive overview of her personality. But again going by the typical traits of MBTI types, the most likely choice is ENTP. This type is known for being clever, playful, and argumentative. They are sometimes trolls, and when cast as villains, they are often laidback and chatty while doing the dirty work. This definitely fits with Meili based on her short screen-time.


Minerva: ESFJ or ENFJ

Minerva is the Witch of Wrath. She has a tiny role in Re: Zero season 2, and although the manga surely has answers, the anime has told us nothing else. Despite being such a minor character, Minerva left a big impression. She's passionate, outspoken, and emotional. Plus, she is driven by the desire to help and heal people. She's furious at the world for being an unfair place. Going by MBTI stereotypes, Minerva would have to be ENFJ or ESFJ. I don't think the anime provided us with enough information to determine which type is correct. (Again, this post is only based on information from the anime, not the manga.)


Otto Suwen: INFP

Otto is a human trying to improve his career as a traveling merchant. He helps Subaru out and eventually becomes his good friend. Otto is an introvert and although he's socially capable, he can be a bit anxious. A defining feature of Otto is his sensitivity-- both in the sense of being a little fussy, and the sense of being very receptive to others' feelings. He makes decisions based on his personal values, following his heart even if it doesn't make the most sense. So, it seems like Fi (introverted feeling) is Otto's dominant cognitive function.

I believe his secondary function would be Ne (introverted intuition), because he's far more intuitive than sensing. Otto is not very practical; his head is in the clouds. But he has a vast imagination and a creative mind, which helps him understand things quickly. The type with dominant Fi and secondary Ne is the INFP. People of this type are rare and often misunderstood. They are some of the most empathetic people you will ever meet. They also tend to be shy, but will quickly become reliable friends once the baseline trust level is met. All of this is also true of Otto. There's no doubt he's an INFP.


Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti: ENFP

Petelgeuse (Geuse for short) is a member of the Witch's Cult and the Archbishop of Sloth. Although he was once a kind man, using the Sloth Witch Factor turned him into an insane, sadistic monster. Most fan websites list Geuse as an ENTP, and I can see a solid argument for that, especially after he went insane. However, I think ENFP is the more accurate option. Either way, Geuse's number one function is Ne (extraverted intuition). This can be seen in the way he thinks abstractly and in an active, extraverted way. The question is whether Geuse uses Ti or Fi as his secondary function.

My strongest argument for Fi is Geuse's emotional reasoning and the way he is so faithful to his personal values. As a young man, Geuse was empathetic and gentle, with his values leading him to treat others well and protect them. As an insane Witch Cultist, Geuse's values changed to loving the Witch and proselytizing about her. He enforces this new value system on others, crazily tormenting them in the name of his beliefs. If I'm correct and Geuse's second function is Fi, then that makes him an ENFP. It's just that he doesn't seem like the stereotypical ENFP due to his insanity.


Petra Leyte: ENFP

Petra is a child from the village over which Roswaal is the domain lord. In Season 2, she gets hired as a new maid to work in Roswaal's mansion. This young girl is extraverted, with lots of social confidence and energy to spend. In addition, she seems slightly more intuitive to me than sensing. Petra is a feeling type who makes decisions based on her strong personal values. She isn't very organized, but does well on the fly. It's probable that she's a perceiving type. That would make Petra an ENFP. This type is energetic, creative, and often quite clever. The dominant functions are Ne (extraverted intuition) and Fi (introverted feeling).


Priscilla Barielle: ESTJ or ESFJ

Priscilla is a candidate in the royal selection of Lugunica after fleeing from another country as its deposed princess. Most of her screen-time and lines are in episode sixteen. Priscilla is very aware of her high station and seems to look down on others. Furthermore, she's strict and values tradition, pride, and loyalty. Since she does not appear to be very intuitive, sensing is likely. Based on MBTI stereotypes, Priscilla could be either ESFJ or ESTJ. Both types can be stern and are conscious of their status. Also, both can be elegant and graceful. ESFJs are typically warm and kind compared to the ESTJ, but they can be terrible people when if unbalanced or dealing with emotional issues.

It's difficult to tell which type Priscilla is when she gets less than half an episode. I can see an argument for her using Te (extraverted thinking), because she isn't kind-natured and tends to enforce her idea of logic on others. I can also see an argument for her being a corrupt user of Fe (extraverted feeling), who is using emotional reasoning to reinforce her arrogance. Priscilla's secondary function would be Si (introverted sensing), but her first function is unclear to me. That's why I can't say for sure if she is ESFJ or ESTJ.


Puck: ENFJ

Puck is an ancient spirit who is contracted as Emilia's guardian and surrogate parent. He often appears in the form of a cute grey-and-white cat. As an extravert, he has plenty of energy and good cheer. He's warm, friendly, and can get along with basically anyone. To Puck, the most important thing is to protect Emilia. She matters more to him than his own life. Someone as loving, devoted, and social as Puck probably uses Fe (extraverted feeling) for their primary function. As for the secondary function, it would have to be Ni (introverted intuition) because Puck definitely seems like he uses intuition. He's clever and he sees abstract patterns in things to arrive at important conclusions. With his top two functions being Fe and Ni, Puck is an ENFJ.

Note: An argument can be made for Puck being ENFP. He sometimes seems to have that kind of zany, mischievous energy. However, I believe ENFJ is a better fit because Puck's form of feeling seems to be extraverted rather than introverted.



Ram is an Oni girl who works at Roswaal's mansion as a maid. She is Rem's twin sister, but is considered the older one. If you look at Ram's behavior, she is more introverted than extraverted. Though assertive, she generally keeps to herself. Her no-nonsense attitude and focus on the facts of a situation make me think she is a sensing type. Unlike an intuitive type, Ram doesn't concern herself with hypothetical stuff or useless knowledge.

Moving on, Ram is a very logical girl. She rarely gets carried away with emotions, and thinks in an analytical, critical way. She doesn't care about social harmony, and can be insensitive or just quite frank. This all suggests she is a thinker. Last but not least, Ram is a perceiving type who can adjust well to rapidly changing situations. She doesn't seem like much of a planner, nor is she conscientious with her work. ISTP, therefore, seems like the perfect type for Ram. This type's top two functions are introverted thinking (Ti) and extraverted sensing (Se), which fits for a girl driven by personal logic and invested in the physical world of facts.

Notes: It may seem like Ram is an INTP at first. It's true that she is not as practical or physically oriented as Rem. However, she is still more practical than imaginative in my opinion. She is still a sensing type. Another thing: The ISTP is known for being keenly in touch with the physical world, and is often extremely gifted with a physical skillset. While Ram is terrible at housework, she was an excellent fighter and magic user when she still had her horn. She never comes across as clumsy, either. With that in mind, we can see that Ram fits the ISTP patterns.

Additional Note: The online consensus for Ram's MBTI type is in conflict with my opinion. Most people believe Ram is ISTJ. If you would like to make an argument for Ram being ISTJ, be my guest-- but keep it polite, or your comment will be deleted.


Reinhard van Astrea: ENFJ

Reinhard is a human knight and has inherited the hero's title of Sword Saint. He later becomes Felt's knight and representative in the royal selection. Although Reinhard doesn't get that much development in the anime so far, the impression he gives is distinct and memorable. He is kind and altruistic, wanting to help anybody he can. In the name of helping others, he'll bravely face any danger. If you look at MBTI classic archetypes, this pattern sounds like the ENFJ personality. Like Puck, Reinhard is probably an ENFJ. His dominant function is extraverted feeling (Fe), that drives him to love and serve others. His secondary function is introverted intuition (Ni), which gathers and processes information to see patterns and understand concepts.

Note: It's possible Reinhard could be ESFJ, but I don't think this is the case. If Reinhard was a sensing type, he would be more practical than imaginative. I see Reinhard as being creative and idealistic, so intuition is a better fit.



Rem is a skilled Oni maid working at Roswaal's mansion. She is the "younger" twin sister of Ram. Like her sister, Rem is probably introverted, lacking the outward orientation and social energy of an extravert. The evidence is strong that she's a sensing type: she's extremely practical, has good physical skills, and isn't focused on the theoretical. It's equally clear that Rem is a feeler and not a thinker. She is sensitive, empathetic, and cares about harmony. Last of all, this diligent girl is definitely a judging type, who plans ahead and is thorough in all her efforts. Putting it altogether, Rem is an ISFJ.

The two dominant functions of ISFJ are Si (introverted sensing) and Fe (extraverted feeling). This seems to match with Rem's personality. Her desire to care for others and extend love outward is indicative of Fe, and her more contemplative but still practical way of dealing with the world suggests Si. The ISFJ type is known for taking care of others and for having excellent practical skills. And indeed, Rem is geared toward being helpful, exceling at housework and cleaning. ISFJs like Rem, though loving in general, save most of their care and affection for a select few trusted friends and family members. They are strongly loyal. That sounds just like Rem to me.



Rom is an old man who runs a shop in the slums of the capital city. He works with Felt a lot and is almost a parental figure for her. In general, he's stern but reasonable. Being practical and no-nonsense, he is most likely a sensing type. In addition, Rom is a logical thinker who doesn't let feelings and personal values interfere with business. He's very fair-minded. With those facts in mind, it's safe to say Rom's two most prominent functions are sensing and thinking. The form of sensing he uses appears to be introverted, so I think Si is his dominant function. Following that would be Te, extraverted thinking. Rom is an ISTJ.

Compared to other ISTJs on this list, Rom is a little more on the borderline close to ISTP. Indeed, at first, I mistook him for an ISTP. However, an ISTP's form of sensing is extraverted (Se), which doesn't quite fit with Rom if you ask me. The reason I say Rom is a little more like an ISTP is because he's not as rigorous or dedicated as someone like Crusch, for example. Still, I believe he qualifies as an ISTJ.


Roswaal L. Mathers: INTJ

Roswaal is a Margrave of Lugunica and the domain lord over the mansion and the neighboring village. He hired Rem, Ram, and Frederica as his main maids. Roswaal has a distinct social façade that's different from his core personality. Outwardly, he acts extraverted, cheerful, and a little foppish. However, Roswaal is always scheming something under his goofy mask. As the series continues, we see more of his real self. That self is highly intelligent, future-oriented, and thorough. Roswaal has been alive for over 400 years, and during that time, he never stopped going after his single long-term goal, for which he would sacrifice anything-- even the lives of those around him. Going by MBTI stereotypes, this just screams INTJ.

If going by the general archetype isn't enough to satisfy you, look at the cognitive functions of the INTJ. The two leading functions are Ni (introverted intuition) and Te (extraverted thinking). It's easy to see these in Roswaal's behavior. He is clever and can think abstractly, which shows intuition. Specifically, it's the quieter version of intuition that works under the radar. Furthermore, Roswaal is logical to a fault, and will direct this outwardly. That shows extraverted thinking. Clearly, this mysterious margrave is an INTJ.


Ryuzu Bilma/ Ryuzu Shima: INFJ

Ryuzu Bilma is one of the four original clones of the elf girl Ryuzu Meyer. She now helps run the Clemaldy Sanctuary behind the scenes. Although she began as a soulless creature, her multiple centuries of life experience made her develop a unique consciousness. The online consensus is that Ryuzu is an ISTJ. Perhaps she acts more like an ISTJ in the light novels, but I'm only going by what I saw in season 2 of the Re: Zero anime. In my opinion, Ryuzu is an INFJ. I'll briefly explain why I think so.

Ryuzu seems distinctly intuitive to me. She's very abstract and thoughtful. In particular, it seems like introverted intuition (Ni). This would be her primary cognitive function. I also see Ryuzu as a feeling type, who readily extends help to others and shows a desire for social harmony and peace. I believe her second function, therefore, would be extraverted feeling (Fe). That makes Ryuzu Bilma an INFJ. Besides the cognitive function method, I also think Ryuzu seems like an INFJ based on what's usual for that type. INFJs are gentle, insightful, and deeply contemplative about things like purpose and meaning. They are often wise and mysterious, too. For all these reason, I believe it's likely that this character is an INFJ.


Ryuzu Meyer: Unknown

This entry is for the original that the clones were based on, Ryuzu Meyer the half-elf. We don't know much about her personality from the anime. She was very quiet in the flashbacks. Pretty much all we know is that she sacrificed her life to create the Sanctuary and its magic protections. I don't think this is enough information to form a clear idea of Ryuzu's personality type.


Satella: INFJ

Satella is the Witch of Envy and the most powerful and cursed of the seven witches. She's in love with Subaru, and it's her power that allows him to time-leap backward after his death. Although Satella is regarded as a soulless force of evil like the Devil, she still appears to have a personality. Based on the limited information we have seen in the anime, Satella sounds like a turbulent-type INFJ. When an INFJ is unhealthy, their love and devotion can turn twisted, obsessive, and manipulative. In anime, a lot of "yandere" girls are disturbed INFJs. The same is likely true for Satella.


Sekhmet: INTP

Sekhmet is the Witch of Sloth. She has a brief appearance in Re: Zero's second season. It's difficult to guess her type based only on that scene. However, if we go by stereotypes alone, she would probably be an INTP. Although capable of amazing things when fired up, the stereotypical INTP is unmotivated and lacking in direction. Some would say they are prone to laziness. Sekhmet seems very clever, but terribly unmotivated. She basically just wants to sleep. So although it's only a very rough guess, I would call her an INTP.


Subaru Natsuki: ESFP

Subaru is the protagonist of Re: Zero, who was summoned from our world, Earth, to this isekai fantasy world. His special ability is to time-leap backward after he dies, essentially letting him restart the world. Websites like thepersonalitydatabase will tell you that Subaru is an ENFP, but I disagree. I don't really see Subaru using intuition as much as sensing. According to the way I see it, his dominant function is extraverted sensing, and his secondary function is introverted feeling. I will admit that Subaru can be creative with his ideas, which is more commonly associated with intuition. However, he interacts with the world in a very physical, concrete way that suggests sensing to me.

If you look at the tendencies of the ESFP type, you'll see there's a lot that sounds like Subaru. This type is sometimes called "The Entertainer" because they love the spotlight and putting on a good show for others. They are cheerful, energetic, and often goofy. The stereotype is that ESFPs are lacking in traditional intelligence, but to the extent that this is true, they have the creativity and confidence to make up for it. The ESFP needs to have its own personal aesthetic, a style of self-expression that is unique to them. This all applies to Subaru as well. He definitely has his own kind of style.

Now, it's also true that there are a lot of ENFP patterns and behaviors that fit Subaru. These two types, ESFP and ENFP, are similar in many ways. The difference is that one uses intuition and the other uses sensing. An ENFP has good instincts and is capable of being very bright and surprisingly resourceful. An ESFP won't be as focused on abstracts or instincts, but rather, engaged with the physical reality. They want experience more than knowledge, concrete understanding over theoretical mumbo-jumbo. To me, it's pretty clear that Subaru is more of an ESFP than an ENFP.


Typhon: ESFP

Typhon is the Witch of Pride, who resembles a very young girl. Just like with the other witches on this list, her role is small in the anime so far. I can't be very confident about her MBTI type based on one scene. The one thing I'm sure of is that Typhon is an extravert. Going by stereotypes of the sixteen personalities, ESFP is the likely candidate. This type loves the spotlight and is highly prone to impulsivity. They do whatever they want, and if possible, make a show out of it for others to enjoy. To restate, Typhon seems like an ESFP.


Wilhelm van Astrea: ESTJ

Wilhelm is a swordsman who fights under Crusch Karsten. The online consensus on several different websites is that Wilhelm is an ISTJ, but I disagree. I think he's more like an ESTJ, especially when he was younger in the flashbacks with Theresia. Wilhelm definitely uses introverted sensing (Si) and extraverted thinking (Te), but in what order are these functions? Introverted sensing is the quieter, more measured version of sensing. It contemplates and is measured. Extraverted thinking, on the other hand, is the more direct and bold version of thinking. I can see that Wilhelm uses both functions, but in my view, he has a more aggressive nature. That's why I think Te comes before Si in the case of Wilhelm.


Thanks for reading my analysis of the MBTI types of Re: Zero characters. As I mentioned in the opening, a few characters have been left out because they are minor or I don't personally know enough about them. Still, that should have covered the majority of characters from the two seasons of Re: Zero. Thanks again for reading!

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