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Anime Rants' New Website

Welcome. I am 7Mononoke, AKA just Mono. On, I had a blog called Anime Rants. Some of you may have migrated over from there. Due to monetary issues, I am moving over here to Wix.

To start with, I need to use the free plan, which means I don't have the storage for anything fancy like gifs or videos. Eventually, I hope to upgrade to a plan with more storage.

Now, those who followed me here are already familiar with my content, but for anyone new, here is a rundown of what I write about on Anime Rants.

Insights and Analyses. Much of my writing focuses on thought-provoking elements found in anime series. I focus on many different topics and themes. One example of an analysis post would be a Thematic Analysis, where I explore the story themes in a particular series. I may focus on something more specific, such as analysis of narrative style, romance, character interactions, or other content in an anime show. Examples on my old blog include: A Look Into Yandere Love, Coping Mechanisms in Elfen Lied, and Tragedy in Fate/Zero.

Character Studies. There is a specific type of analytical posts focusing on character studies/ personality analysis. I explore different characters in detail. Examples from my WordPress blog include: Satsuki Kiryuuin Analysis, Louis Beastars Analysis, Haruhi Suzumiya Analysis, and Ray (Promised Neverland) Character Analysis.

Anime Reviews. I write reviews of anime series based on elements like audio, visuals, and story. This format is for reviews of entire series. But sometimes I also write shorter, less detailed episode reviews of all the episodes in an anime show or season. Please browse here to see my anime series reviews.

MBTI Personality Content. The Myers-Briggs personality model has always been fascinating to me. So I have a lot of content about that on my blog. Some examples are: include: Psycho-Pass MBTI, Madoka Magica MBTI, List of INFP Anime Characters, and The 16 Types as Anime Characters.

Random Rants. When I have something I want to ramble or rant about, but it isn't as in-depth or profound as an analysis post, I put it in a Random Rant. Please browse here to see my random rants.

Sunday Select. On some Sundays, I do lists of seven things related to anime. Some examples can be found by browsing here.

That's about it for what I write about here on Anime Rants. I may repost some of my blog posts from WordPress here on Wix. There will also be new content. I'll update again as soon as I can. Before closing, I just want to give a sort of "mission statement" for Mono's Anime Rants. It's written below. Thanks for reading!

Mono's Anime Rants is a blog focused on deep-dives into anime. Content includes psychological topics, exploration of story themes, and philosophy. There will sometimes be technical reviews, but the main emphasis is on analysis and discussion. Sometimes I go too deep for my own good, and sometimes my personal experiences color my writing, but I put my heart into what I write. This blog will provide thought-provoking content about anime from a unique perspective.

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Jul 24, 2022

Best of luck in your new home!

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