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Bloganuary - January Blog Challenege - Day 12

Today's prompt for Bloganuary is "What chore do you find the most challenging to do?" I'm not one of those people who likes cleaning, so my first thought is "All of them?" But I guess some chores are worse than others. Washing dishes sucks because it ruins the skin on my hands. But the worst main chore I have is probably cleaning up my room. (I'm supposed to do that today, by the way.)

Keeping the room clean is challenging because I procrastinate on throwing trash away and taking dishes downstairs right away. As a result, the mess builds up in my room day after day. Usually I clean it up when I can no longer walk across the room without stepping on something. As is the case with most chores for me, the hardest part of it is just getting started. When it's done, I usually feel a small sense of accomplishment, and my cat seems happier, too. So I guess I'll get to work! Thanks for reading.

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