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Bloganuary - January Blog Challenge - Day 6

It's time for the sixth day in Bloganuary! Today's prompt is "Why do you write?"

At first, this seemed like it was set up to be a difficult question. But I quickly realized that I already know my answer, and that it's fairly simple. I write because I must. I'm not sure if I can explain exactly what I mean, but I shall try.

I seriously think that if I didn't write, I'd just explode like an egg in the microwave. My thoughts get crazy, and it's easiest for me to process them by writing them out. Writing is also the best way to express my wild imagination. There are a lot of stories that build up in my brain. I'm not someone who can think about things normally, whether internally or by talking it out. I have to write it. I'd lose my mind if I didn't. It's a mental outlet, it's my self expression, and it's pretty much all I can do.

I'm not a great writer, but when I'm practicing and reading a lot, I am actually pretty damn good at it. There's not really anything else I can say that about in my life. What would I be if I didn't or couldn't write? I might just fade away. So, you see, I write because I must.

Thank you for reading.


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