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Bloganuary - January Blog Challenge - Day 9

Welcome! It's Day 9 of the Bloganuary Blog challenge. Today's prompt is "What is the most memorable gift you have received?" My memory is pretty bad, so I don't know. Since I have no way of knowing or judging what would be the most memorable gift in my entire life, all I can do is a pick a random gift that I've liked.

When I was five, I got a tin with a coin slot on the top for storing change. It had Garfield the cat on it. I'm not exactly sure why, but I got attached to that tin bank. I still have it in storage and I'm over 30 now. Even though it's just a simple tin bank, I could never being myself to get rid of it, and now, the person who gave it to me has passed away. So it's also a memento of him (my grandfather). I think that's about it.

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