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Bloganuary - January Blogging Challenge - Day 5: Joy

Welcome to Mono's Anime Rants! Today, I'm continuing the Bloganuary blog challenge, with the prompt for Day 5: What brings you joy in life?

I'm happy to say that I have several good answers, since it's been part of my mental health journey over the last couple years to find things I love about life. The things that bring me joy are pretty simple. I chose three of them to talk about today.

1) FOOD. Growing up, and even throughout college, I was never terribly interested in food, nor did I eat a lot. I saw eating as a necessary evil. But now, years later, food is one of the things that keeps me interested in continuing my existence. Especially sushi. I absolutely love sushi. And meat, and soups, and cheese. But food in general is great.

2) ANIME. When I was in the depths of my worst depression, one of my coping mechanisms was to binge-watch anime. It was one of the only things that still interested me. Nowadays, I don't usually stay in bed and binge-watch anime for days at a time; however, I still love watching anime in smaller doses and writing my thoughts about it. I mean, duh. I have an anime blog! Anime brings me joy now more than ever.

3) FRIENDS. I'd be completely lost in life without the joy that my friends bring me. I have severe anxiety and social phobia, but only in person, face-to-face. When it comes to online social life, I am confident and friendly. So, I've been able to build a friend community mostly through discord. Investing time in getting to know other people might be the best choice I ever made for my mental health. I absolutely love these people!

I almost listed alcohol too, but it can be the runner-up. The other stuff I listed is more important to me. Anyway, that wraps it up for today! Thanks for reading!

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