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Winter 2023 Anime Episode Reviews: Week #2

Welcome to Mono's Anime Rants! It's the second week of the Winter 2023 anime season, and things are going ok for the most part. I've had a lot of issues with motivation this week, but I hope I succeeded in making a decent blog post. I might start covering Buddy Daddies next week, but I can't deal with it this week. Please enjoy the others I chose. The one I was most excited about was Vinland Saga season 2. That's the last one on the list.

(Thorfinn from Vinland Saga season 2)

Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season: Episode 2

During the play, Ranpo got upset and vulnerable, describing his life experience as being surrounded by incomprehensible monsters. Fukuzawa took him aside and told him he has a special talent. He convinced the boy he was an ability user who was able to discern truth at a glance. Reassured and inspired by Fukuzawa, Ranpo successfully solved the mystery at the theater, with the culprit being the main actor who faked his own murder. But there is more to the mystery yet to come. The actor's co-conspirator, the playwright, was killed in his own locked room, and Ranpo may in trouble as he taken away by a man disguised as a cop. This episode was fun and enjoyable.

(Smug Ranpo)

Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi

(Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague): Episode 2

Himuro and company are told they will be going to Okinawa for 4 days for a business trip. Although Himuro likes the beach, he's worried he will ruin it for others by making constant ice-storms. Fuyutsuki gives him a surf drum that he can use to train himself to stay calm and reign in the winter weather. It works very well, and Himuro enjoys the first day in Okinawa. In the second half of the episode, the weather gets hotter, causing Himuro to "melt" which makes him age backwards into a child. Luckily, Fuyutsuki gives him an ice pop that cools him off and reverses the "melting." There were a lot of cute moments in this episode, like when Fuyutsuki patted child-Himuro on the head. This is a cute anime.

(Himuro shrunk!)

Mononogatari: Malevolent Spirits: Episode 1

The visuals kind of suck and the story doesn't seem very original. Hyoma, a boy who hates spirits, must learn to work together with spirits, accompanied by a cute female love interest. However, it seems like this show might be tolerable for the mythology. We'll see. I might just drop it if it gets boring. I have no particular thoughts right now other than I like the designs for most of the female characters, if only they were more detailed and polished. The male characters look boring.


Nokemono-tachi no Yoru (Tale of Outcasts): Episode 1

The first episode was decent but nothing really special. The visuals were "meh" overall, but I love the character design for Marbas. I also like his character so far in general. It's interesting to have a demon who is somewhat altruistic. Wisteria seems cute and amusing. I don't have any other particular thoughts at this time, other than I kind of hope the dynamic between Marbas and Wisteria stays platonic. I will have some issues if this is another Ancient Magus Bride scenario.

(Marbas is a little angry)

TenTen Kakumei: Episode 2

Anis explained the situation to her father, the King, and Duke Grantz. Eventually, everyone agreed that Anis will "keep" Lady Euphylia as her apprentice in magicology. I absolutely loved this episode, as it was overflowing with lesbian energy. This seems like it could be a really good shoujo ai / yuri anime. I love girl-girl relationships in anime, at least if they're handled in a certain way. Too much sexualizing of very young characters does annoy me, as does "queer-baiting" where the romance is hinted but never made serious. So far, it seems like TenTen Kakumei isn't swinging in either way too much. I look forward to more!

(Anis and Euphie being lesbians)

Vinland Saga Season 2: Episode 1

The visuals have changed slightly since the studio in charge is now Mappa and not Wit. However, it still looks decent so far. The opening and ending songs are great. This episode told us the story of Einar the slave and how he came to arrive at a certain farm. It turns out that Thorfinn is working at that farm, too. We don't know how he got there or what he's up to. Hopefully, we'll learn more next week. I noticed an older Canute in the intro song, so I hope we get to see him soon, too.


Thank you


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