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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #23

Welcome. Even though the year 2022 has ended, I'm not quite done with the episode reviews for all the 2022 anime I wanted to cover. There's this post plus two more after it. I'll try to hurry and finish them in the next few days.

(Cute Emilico)

Shadows House Season 2: Episode 10

The confrontation is long and intense, but by the end of the episode, Kate and her group won against Maryrose and captured her. It wouldn’t have been possible without Emilico's wacky but brilliant ideas. The one that really saved the day was Emilico's plan to have the dolls and shadow masters switch places temporarily to fool Maryrose.

Despite having sympathy for Maryrose and Rosemary, Kate and company agree to turn the rebels in. That was pretty shocking to me. I thought they would try to insist on a way to save absolutely everybody, in true shounen style. By turning in Maryrose as the culprit, they are sentencing her to death. However, in the end, I do agree that there was nothing else to be done. By not turning in the culprits, Kate would be endangering her own life as Edward and the starbearers continue pinning the blame on her. I'm still a little disappointed, but there was really no choice.

(Rosemary and Maryrose captured)

Spy X Family: Episode 23 (2nd Cour Episode 11)

After a drawn-out battle with their cheating opponents, Twilight and Nightfall finally won the tennis match. They got the painting they needed for the mission. However, they would later find out that the code on the back of the painting only led to the old colonel's photo collection of actresses, and nothing that would effect the peace between the countries. After the mission, Nightfall challenged Yor to a tennis match, but lost almost immediately. I'm really tired of this conflict of fighting over Loid. Still, it was nice to see Yor succeed.

(Yor will always do her best!)

Summertime Render: Episode 23

Shide flees into another dimension-- the "home" that Haine longed to return to. It's called Tokoyo. Shinpei and Ushio follow Shide into the otherworldly realm. They meet Haine- but it is only the little girl Haine, whose personality was split apart from Hiruko. It was Hiruko who had control for most of the series, and who ate so many people. She's willing to kill everyone to satisfy her own dream. But it's a nice, sweet little Haine who is here now. She agrees to help Shinpei and company fight Shide and put her other miserable half to rest.

Ushio fights with Shide in an epic battle in the sky. From that fight, Ushio learned some important facts about how to defeat Shide, and destroyed half of his armor. But now Ushio is falling toward the ground, at the end of her strength. To be continued!


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 23

With most of the Beast Knights incapacitated, only Nagumo and Hakudou remain to fight Yuuhi. However, Yuuhi easily beats them. He informs them that he will be the one to stop Samidare. The battle between Samidare and Yuuhi is fairly intense, and shows a lot of Sami's psychology and emotional state. Yuuhi even becomes a mythic level knight, with Neu becoming a black dragon.

Anima tells the other knights about the princess' illness. Once they understand, they combine the last of their power to propel Yuuhi into the sky to catch up with Samidare. He reaches his hand out to her, confesses his love, and convinces her to stand down. Holding each other, Yuuhi and Samidare fall back toward the earth they love. The visuals were bad as always, but the audio was pretty decent. I'm kind of excited for this anime to be over, because honestly, it's so disappointing. It had so much potential, but it was cheaply and badly made.


Chainsaw Man: Episode 11

The pacing for this episode was surprisingly quick, but I'm happy for it. I didn't think we would have another chance in the first season to see our characters fight the bad guys. But before I knew it, the battle with the mafia syndicate had begun. The new characters introduced from special division 4 are all interesting to me, but I especially like the Angel Devil because they have a cool, androgynous character design.

This episode had relatively a lot of scenes with Makima. That made me extremely happy. I'm not sure if I've ever been turned on by an anime character this much before. I often call Denji stupid, but I am equally infatuated with the manipulative woman.


Thank you for reading~


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