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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #25 (Final)

I know it's already 2023, but this is the final post in this series. At long last, I'm at the end of my episode reviews for the 2022 anime shows I chose to cover. I'll be writing reviews for a lot of 2022 anime soon. It was a really good year for anime.


Shadows House: Season 2 Episode 12

The finale of Shadows House season 2 showed us that there was another piece to the puzzle of the phantom mystery. Maryrose had an accomplice: Christopher's living doll, Anthony. He claimed his goal is the same as Kate’s and explained that they need to work together to get anywhere. However, he also seems to be withholding a lot of information and staying at an emotional distance, which makes Kate reluctant to trust him yet.

Emilico continues her life as a living doll, and sometimes, it's extremely painful on a emotional level. However, Emilico keeps her spirits up thanks to Kate, who is learning to clean and treats her as an equal. In a final unexpected turn of events, Barbara appoints Kate and Emilico as the new leaders of Group Ten. Of the two Belle twins, one died from overexposure to soot sickness. The other is forced to join Group Ten, but is traumatized, and won't help. Emilico will have her work cut out for her as the new leader of the group, defending Belle to protect her from being erased. It's a constant battle in Shadow House.


Spy X Family: Episode 25 (2nd Cour Episode 13)

The last episode of Spy x Family honestly felt a little disappointing to me. Of course, the story is going to continue, and we're only just getting started on Operation Strix. But who knows how long we'll have to wait for the next season? Anyway, in this episode, Twilight finally managed to meet his target, Donovan Desmond. Anya helped a little. I was expecting something with a little more action and/or a little more humor. Compared to some of the crazy episodes of Spy X Family, this was pretty boring. However, I think it was necessary to show the progress of Operation Strix and the first contact between Twilight and Desmond. I'll work on a Spy x Family series review soon.

(Twilight introduces himself as Loid Forger)

Summertime Render: Episode 25

This final episode showed us the peaceful timeline where there are no shadows and Ryuunosuke was never killed. Naturally, Ushio and Hizuru are alive, too. The interesting thing is that Shinpei has no clear memory of what happened in the other worlds-- just a vague understanding that he was worried about the island after having some intense dreams. He came home to the island, talked about his dreams with Hizuru and Ryuunosuke, and reunited with Mio and the others.

Finally, Shinpei met up with Ushio on the beach and made up with her from their old fight two years ago. They both have the same feeling that an intense dream made them worry about each other. A few nights later, when they are at the festival, they share a romantic moment watching the fireworks. That's also when they both simultaneously remember a random promise they made in another timeline-- something about an eating contest at the festival. It suddenly occurs to Ushio and Shinpei that this is a memory from another world. As they share this weird experience with each other, Ushio and Shinpei are happy to be together at last.

I'm extremely impressed with Summertime Render. It's my favorite anime of 2022. It's a 9/10 anime easily. However, I'll save my rambles and rants about this anime for the series review, which you can expect in a few days to a few weeks.

(Ushio and Shinpei)

Thank you for reading~

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