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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #24

Yes, I know. It's 2023. But I'm almost done covering the last of the episodes I wanted to cover for 2022. There's this post, then #25, and then I'm finally done.


Shadows House: Season 2 Episode 11

This was definitely the darkest episode of Shadows House's second season. We finally learned the backstories of Barbara, Maryrose, and Christopher. It would take too long to recap everything here, but long story short, Christopher killed himself when the adults tried to force him to fuse with his living doll, Anthony. Maryrose was severely depressed, and Barbara had a hard time of it too-- although I feel worse for Barbie, personally.

After the backstory parts, it was time for Maryrose to be taken to the adults’ wing and interrogated (and probably tortured-- or mentally manipulated-- or both.) Maryrose tried to summon a phantom to fight back, but Edward quickly defeated it. Then, in a final act of desperate rebellion, Maryrose and Rosemary embraced each other and leapt out of the tower window. We should probably assume that they died. However, Maryrose was protecting Rosemary's head when they fell, so it's possible the human girl survived. It was extremely sad to watch this episode.

(Grief after Christopher's death)

Spy X Family: Episode 24 (2nd Cour episode 12)

Finally, we had an episode without Fiona. In the first half of the episode, Loid takes Yor out drinking to try to reassure her that she's needed and wanted. Loid ends up getting hit by a very drunk Yor, but it all works out in the end. Yor's confidence is restored. In the second half of the episode, Anya goes on a shopping trip with Becky. It was very cute. Great episode. It seems like I never have quite as much to say about this anime as some of the others, and I'm not really sure why that is. But it's not for lack of enjoyment. This show is a lot of fun.

(Yor drinking)

Summertime Render: Episode 24

With Ushio unable to fight anymore, Shinpei and Ryuunosuke take over fighting Shide. If the boys can hold off the monster for 2 minutes, it will be enough time for Ushio to print bullets capable of erasing Shide. It's a risky plan, and everyone uses all their powers, but it finally works. Ushio becomes a gun and loads the eraser bullets, and Shinpei shoots the supposedly immortal monster. He finally fades away in a pathetic state.

After the fight, Shinpei and company are transported to a vision of the past 300 years ago. Shinpei stops the original Haine from touching the beached whale, thus saving her. Meanwhile, Ushio erases Hiruko- the whale- before she can copy a human form. The spirits of Haine and Ryuunosuke depart. All that's left is the goodbye between Ushio and Shinpei. It's a very sad moment. But this is not the end of the story. Ushio vows to create a world line where the shadows do not exist, and all the deaths never happened. She sets out on a journey to re-render the world, making changes at key times in the story. The end result will be explored in the final episode.

(Shinpei and Ushio shoot Shide)

Hoshi no Samidare

(Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 24

The final episode managed to get me slightly emotional despite how bad the anime was overall. It was really sad when all the animal spirits left. Then Anima left too, and everyone went home. Ten years later, they are all alive and well. All of them are friends and some of them are dating. Hakudou and Shimaki even got married. 30-year-old Yuuhi was able to talk to Anima's spirit again briefly to tell her the good news about Samidare. She survived a risky surgery that finally cured her illness. So, even Samidare is alive and happy. Although this anime was by and large disappointing, I'm still glad I watched it, if only to know that the better version of the story probably exists in manga format.


Chainsaw Man: Episode 12

The last episode of the first season of Chainsaw Man was all around excellent. I wasn't expecting such a good ending. Aki and Kobeni defeated Akane and captured her. (But she was conveniently killed before we could get any information out of her). Meanwhile, Denji defeated Katana Man. Special Division 4 is allowed to continue existing and Makima reports that they now have enough flesh of the Gun Devil to begin tracking it down. The ending is mysterious, showing Denji's dream where he gets a vague warning from Pochita to not open the door. I've got no clue what it means yet, but it seems important.

Commenting on all the interesting psychology in this episode would potentially require pages of text, so I won't go there. Just know there was a lot of good development and little insights into the characters- at least for Aki and Denji. I know Aki won't be alive for very long, but it was satisfying to see him conquer this mission and survive even a little while longer. I'm highly impressed with Chainsaw Man. Expect a series review from me soon.


Thank you for reading~


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