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2022 Anime Episode Reviews: Week #12

Welcome to all guys, girls, and non-binary friends. Thanks for stopping by Mono's Anime Rants. I have chosen 7 anime series from across 2022 that I want to watch and review. I've been doing weekly episode reviews for these series. There is also one anime from 2021, which is Shadows House (first season). I wanted to cover Shadows House so I could smoothly transition into the second season afterward. Having finished Tomodachi Game, I am now also covering Mob Psycho 100 Season 3. I hope you enjoy the reviews!

Note: I fell behind on blogging for a month. In order to catch up to where I want to be, I will publish weeks #11-14 in rapid succession over the next few days.


Shadows House: Season 1 Episode 12

It's the second to last episode of the first season! This episode followed Kate as she and the others tried to figure out how to find and save Emilyko. Unfortunately, Kate got caught by Edward at the end. There's still hope though. This season might have a pretty decent ending, although it won't be able to cover anything beyond rescuing Emilyko. The freedom of the dolls and the destruction of the shadows system will take a long time more. It was nice seeing the other dolls get back their consciousnesses in this episode. I also loved seeing Shaun think of the main plan. He's a smart cookie. Next time we'll see if Kate and Emilyko can escape Edward!


Spy X Family: Episode 12

The last episode of the first season, while very entertaining, was not what I expected at all. I thought it would be something even more intense, like for instance, one of their identities was compromised. But nothing that serious happened. The mission at the aquarium was still exciting though, and funny, of course. I loved when Loid flawlessly impersonated a perfect penguin-keeper and memorized the names and eating habits of the penguins. I also liked when Yor hit that agent who she thought was kidnapping Anya. It was hilarious. The family's dynamics at home later were also amusing. It was a good episode to end the first cour. Next week, I'll start covering Spy X Family part 2.


Summertime Render: Episode 12

The confrontation with Hiruko/Haine finally took place in this episode. It was incredibly intense. I'm a little confused about how Ushio has so much power. Haine said something about her being "the egg." I don't know what this means yet. It was pretty intense to see everyone killed off by the shadows. Also, it seems like Shinpei can loop back in time with Ushio if she's nearby when he dies. I look forward to the next loop and I kind of hope they can get Tokiko more on their side this time. It sucked having her as an enemy. She's one of my favorites.


Tokyo 24th Ward: Episode 12

I'll need some time to process what I really think about this anime and its final episode. However, my initial emotional response is overwhelmingly positive. The final episode actually made me cry a little. If an anime can move me like that, then I'm naturally going to respect it. But as somebody who also dabbles in being an anime critic, I can already see a lot of problems with this anime and with episode 12 in particular. The most disappointing part for me was that new Kanae System 2.0 was not explained. We have no idea how it works.

Anyway, I'm still glad I watched Tokyo 24th Ward. It was really touching to see RGB start to finally move on from Asumi. Grief is a bitch, but it does get better with time, especially if you're fortunate enough to have some good closure. That's all I'll say for now, but you can expect a series review soon.


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 12

Anima, the being whose power is giving life to Sami, met all the Beast Knights and spent some time with them. She has an annoying personality where she won't answer or pay attention to people or show common politeness. There are three Mythic Beast Knights among the regular knights, and Anima revealed that one of them was Nagumo and his horse Dance. They form the Unicorn Knight. The knights all worked together to defeat the eighth golem. This episode was fairly entertaining but as usual, it looked terrible visually, and the writing was awkward at best.


The Devil is a Part-timer! Season 2: Episode 12

Mao and company kicked some Angel ass in this final episode of the second season. Lailah possessed Chiho and helped out. Suzuno got to fight a little as well. Emilia was told by Gabriel that her father is alive, which was a huge shock to her. But after a brief time of losing her courage, Emilia got back in action, deciding to keep fighting. It was an exciting episode. I really hope there is a third season soon, because this episode did a good job priming us for it. There's still some lore I don't understand-- like what the hell is a Daath? But I can look it up or something later. I'm impressed with this anime and will try to write a review soon.


Sasaki and Miyano: Episode 12

The last episode of Sasaki and Miyano was beyond satisfying, and it was well worth the wait for them to start dating each other. It was seriously so incredibly cute and romantic! I had to squeal at least once. I'm thoroughly impressed with this anime. It's one of the best BL anime I've ever seen. There are only a few little tropes, and there are no problematic elements like sexual assault. I'm so glad I watched Sasaki and Miyano!


Mob Psycho 100: Season 3 Episode 5

It was another intense episode of Mob Psycho 100. I loved every part of it, from the colorful and dynamic fighting to the emotional weight and philosophical discussion. I'll probably write a post about the philosophy and psychology stuff focused on this episode at a later time. The ending, where Mob's monkey shirt got exposed, was hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing how this arc will be resolved in the next episode.


Thank you for reading~


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