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2022 Anime Episode Reviews: Week #17

Thank you so much for visiting Mono's Anime Rants! I hope your holidays are going well!


Shadows House: Season 2 Episode 4

I don't have any particular thoughts to share, so let's just recap the episode. In this installment of Shadows House, the starbearers struggle to clean up after the phantom incident, and Kate investigates everything she can. Because of how persuasive she was when she was called by the starbearers, Kate was given a special opportunity. She can "gain great recognition" by finding out who the real culprit is for the phantom incident.

While investigating, Kate and Emilico visit the infirmary. Although Mia is now almost well again, Rosemary is still suffering from the worst of soot sickness. Toward the end of the episode, Kate and Emilico team with John and Shaun to explore the area to make a better map of Shadows House. They find a cabin that looks abandoned, and they end up destroying the front of it to get inside. Much to Kate's horror, the Shadows House research team is inside the cabin, which is their base of operations.

(Kate boldly addresses the starbearers)

Spy x Family: Episode 17 (2nd Cour Episode 5)

The focus of this episode was on Anya at school, as she endeavored to befriend Damien. The school scenes, including the arts and crafts contest, were all cute and/or funny to watch. Much to my delight, there was also a bit of content about Handler toward the end of the episode. She's so incredibly sexy. I have no other particular thoughts right now, besides that I'm enjoying the audio components like OST and voice-acting. Spy x Family is so much fun!

(Angelic Anya)

Summertime Rendering: Episode 17

After finally getting some rest, Shinpei and company begin their hunt for shadows on the 23rd. Alongside some action scenes, there were some good character development scenes, such as Mio's discussion about self-hatred or the flashback to Ushio getting into a fight with bullies as a child. Not much else comes to mind at the moment. This episode was kind of a break in the chaotic action we had for the last few episodes. I expect the action and intensity to start picking up again next episode as the shadow hunt continues.

(Ushio and Shinpei)

Hoshi no Samidare

(Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer): Episode 17

Episode 17 centered around the battle with the tenth and eleventh golems, as well as Taiyou's emotional development. I like Taiyou and Loki. Actually, I like most of the characters in this anime. They generally have good character concepts and somewhat interesting personalities. But the actual writing is often awkward or cringeworthy, and as have complained about many times, the visuals completely suck. It's a real shame.

(Loki the owl)

Mob Psycho 100: Season 3 Episode 10

This episode was intense! It seems that hitting his head in the car accident made Mob/Shigeo lose consciousness in an unexpected way. He's awake and walking around, but in a dreamlike state without any conscious control. Since he's not conscious to control his powers, they are going berserk and destroying everything around him.

Hanazawa tried everything to stop Mob, but nothing could get through to the mindlessly destructive, rampaging esper. All Hanazawa could do was save the people in the city that were almost killed by Mob. I was shocked that Mob was so unlike himself in this episode. I never thought he would hurt people like that. Let's hope he can go back to normal before he decimates the entire city.

(Rampaging Shigeo)

Chainsaw Man: Episode 5

I have a lot to say about this episode. First, a summary. After being disappointed with touching Power, Denji felt depressed and unmotivated. Makima gave him an intimate lesson to teach him that sensual activity feels much better with someone you actually like or know. She also promised to grant any one wish of Denji's-- including sex-- if he can kill the dreaded and powerful Gun Devil. As of now, the team is in pursuit of a devil who has a piece of the Gun Devil within him. In order to find the Gun Devil, they need more pieces of his flesh, since they act like magnets to his main body.

We got to know all the characters a little better and see their different dynamics in this episode. We saw some backstory for Hayakawa and learned that his given name is Aki. The woman with the eyepatch, Himeno, has a side that I don't like very much, where she messes with people. But she also has a very cool and admirable side. Plus, her ghost-hand power is awesome. As for the other two on the team, Kobeni is very cute, but I don't like Arai. Denji continues to be amusing, stupid, and endearing.

Then there's Makima. I still love her, but I'm definitely thinking I'll have to love her as more of a villain character. She's very manipulative, and besides that, it's creepy for her to "mess around" with a 16-year-old. It bugs me how she toys with Denji, and in a certain way, is also manipulating Power and maybe even Aki. But whether or not she ends up villainous, I look forward to more development from this psychologically interesting woman.

(Denji and Makima)

Thanks for reading~


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