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2022 Anime Episode Reviews: Week #22

Welcome back to Mono's Anime Rants! I know we're well into January of 2023, but I'm still not done with my episode reviews for 2022 anime. There are still three or four more weeks to go after this, but I'll release them all within the next few days, most likely.

I'm going to be so sad when I finally finish these anime series, but I'll also be able to focus more on 2023 anime. It will be bittersweet.

(Loved this moment from Summertime Render Ep 22)


Shadows House: Season 2 Episode 9

A lot happened in this installment. Maryrose and Rosemary explained that they had no time left before being invited to become adults. The ceremony for becoming an adult requires the fusion of a shadow child with its living doll, resulting in the death of the original consciousness of the latter. Maryrose and Rosemary love each other and were trying to escape before one or both of them must die.

After explaining this, the two rebels launch a sudden attack on the younger shadows and their dolls. They can't afford to let themselves get reported until after they've escaped. It's unclear if Kate was even going to go through with reporting Maryrose, but there's no time for her to do anything but run from the army of scorches that Maryrose controls. Emilico and Shaun get hit in the faces by scorches, while Kate and John run.

This episode also showed us a glimpse into the world of Edward and his two followers. They are still scheming to try to expose rebellion and win the favor of Lord Grandfather. The final scene reveals that the fusion ceremony takes a few weeks, during which the shadow and the doll are locked in a box together in the dark. If the possession process fails, then both the shadow master and the living doll will rot away and die.

(Rosemary and Maryrose)


Spy x Family: Episode 22 (2nd Cour Episode 10)

This entire episode was about Twilight and Nightfall on a mission together. It involves competing in an underground tennis match. I felt a bit frustrated while watching this episode because I don't like Nightfall/ Fiona at all. I'm so tired of stupidly written female characters that always fall into the same tropes and aren't even funny. Compared to how much I enjoyed Spy X Family's first half, this second half can barely compete. I guess you can't have too much of a good thing.

(Twilight and Nightfall in disguise)


Summertime Rendering: Episode 22

After retrieving Ushio, Shinpei tells her they need to loop again. Using Ryuunosuke's future power, Shinpei is able to dodge Shide, shoot himself, and loop again with Ushio attached to his spirit. immediately, they begin their plan to kill Haine's main body in the Hiruko cave. On the way, they Tokiko and Nezu stay behind to fight and probably sacrifice themselves. The remaining group members work swiftly to destroy Shide's two human bodies.

Ushio attempts to kill Haine with a powerful punch. But she held back some of her power out of pity and empathy. Haine is still alive, and Ushio is in trouble. On top of that, Shide somehow reappears. It looks like the heroes have their work cut out for them trying to figure out how Shide survived and how to defeat him once and for all. I'm expecting at least one more loop. As usual, Summertime Render is thrilling as all hell.

(Ushio punch!!!)


Hoshi no Samidare

(Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 22

The beast Knights and Anima finally defeated Animus. It took everything the knights had, plus Samidare's power to break through the barrier keeping them apart. Anima delivered the final blow and put a spear through her brother's body. The siblings talked for a few minutes as Animus died. He departed relatively peacefully. Samidare wasted no time after that and started her plan to destroy Earth. The Knights aren't going to let her do it without a fight, but they also have to contend with Yuuhi, Samidare's best knight.

I'm really sick of saying it, but once again, this battle looked atrocious. The visuals are probably the lowest quality I have seen in any anime. Most of the dialogue also sucked, and Animus' death had no emotional power whatsoever. It was frustrating to watch, but at least there are only two episodes left now.

(Animus' final form)


Chainsaw Man: Episode 10

The first half of the episode was very heavy and sad to watch. Aki wakes up in the hospital and has to deal with the facts that a) he only has 2 years left to live, and b) Himeno is dead. Rather than quit devil hunting, though, Aki decides it's more important than ever to keep fighting. He goes to make a contract with a new devil for better powers. There was also an interesting moment where Denji reflects on the fact that he's not crying or grieving at all even though his first human friend has died. I have some thoughts about that, but they would take too long to explain in a little episode review.

Makima introduces Power and Denji to their new fighting teacher. He's an eccentric and extremely talented devil hunter who wants to be called Teacher. (We didn't even get his real name.) Teacher begins to put Power and Denji through hellish training that requires killing (or nearly killing) them multiple times an letting them heal up by drinking blood. I feel bad that Power and Denji must go through so much agony, but I hope it makes them stronger.

(Aki cries for Himeno)

Thank you for reading~


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