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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #10

Welcome, everyone! We're continuing as usual with the episode reviews for 7 series from 2022 and one series from 2021 (Shadows House first season). Sorry that this post is a few days late. Usually, I try to post this series on Sundays. My apologies for falling behind.


Shadows House: Season 1 Episode 10

The debut test is finally over, but with an unexpected turn of events. At first, I had no idea why Shirley died, but it was explained a little later. The general life cycle of a shadow master was also explained. It was slightly different from what I had in mind, but only slightly. It was quite a shocking reveal to see it all laid out like that. So, shadows are parasitic demons/fairies who have established a system of possessing vessels (living dolls) made by the Great Grandfather. That's the basic idea anyway. In other news, it was hard to see Emilyko and the others brainwashed by that dark drink. I hope they find a way to flush out the effects so the dolls can be themselves again.


Spy x Family: Episode 10

There is an upcoming dodgeball tournament, and rumor has it that the winner will win a Stella award. Anya trains with her mother to compete for the win. However, a huge kid named Bill is destined to be her frightening opponent. As usual, this episode was funny and cute. I loved all the training scenes and the power-ups. The part where Damien protected Anya was surprising. It was very sweet of him, even though he sorely regretted it after. In the end, it was no surprise that Bill's team won. However, nobody got the Stella Award because the rumor had been false. Dang it.


Summertime Render: Episode 10

This is the episode where Shinpei and company investigate the ruined old clinic in the mountains. They find some strange things there, including a creepy god statue that might be Hiruko the fishing and fortune god. Also, they defeat a shadow, but then get ambushed by multiple shadows at the end. It was a fun episode with a lot of tension and excitement and some funny moments. Ushio is so much fun. The shadows that look like giant babies are really freaky-looking and gross. That's all I can think of worth saying.


Tokyo 24th Ward: Episode 10

Things are getting insane in the 24th Ward. DoRed and many residents of Shantytown have started violently protesting against the integration of the Kanae System. Shuuta intervenes in conflicts several times, even saving Kinako at one point, but he feels helpless to stop the bigger problems. After Tsuzuragawa wakes up at the hospital, she tells Shuuta everything, and asks him how he would save Asumi.

I really enjoyed this episode since it was extra intense. The information about Asumi's consciousness and the debate over she is really Asumi were all fascinating to me. Finally, we got into some sci-fi stuff. I'm looking forward to next episode, with Ran and 0th beginning their plan to bring down the Kanae System.


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 10

After some fun times at the beach, the knights and the princess go to the mountains to fight the seven-eyed golem. However, Animus appeared and took Yuuhi and Sami away from the main fight. Luckily, the other knights manage to win. Animus gets away, but otherwise it's a victory for Sami and her forces. In other news, Hakudo overheard Yuuhi and Sami talking about destroying the world eventually. She hasn't decided what to do with this information. As usual, the visuals in this episode were terrible. The writing was pretty shitty too. I didn't have a great time with this episode.


The Devil is a Part-timer! Season 2: Episode 10

This episode was a little boring, but also quite humorous. Mao wanted to buy a TV, but Ashiya disagreed. Eventually, however, they decided to go shopping for one. Rika, Emilia's coworker, is going along after being invited by Ashiya. A few other things happened too, but I don't feel like recapping everything. But something happened to Chiho, and she's unconscious. That's not good. Anyway, I thought it was funny when Emilia got mad at work, too. There were several good moments.


Sasaki and Miyano: Episode 10

The culture festival continued, and the crossdressing competition took place. Miyano didn't win, but he had fun with it. There was a sweet moment where Sasaki and Miyano were in the hallway together holding hands. They also went to see a movie together toward the end of the episode. After the movie, Miyano seems to like Sasaki even more. I think he's finally ready to confess his true feelings. I'm a little tired of waiting, but I also think this anime is doing a good job spreading out the romance over all these episodes.


Mob Psycho 100: Season 3 Episode 3

This was a highly entertaining episode of Mob Psycho. If I wasn't sleep deprived and nearly devoid of emotional expression, I would have laughed my ass off. Seeing Mob getting conceited was hilarious. His super-arrogant self with the hard chin and detailed face shading was amusing to no end. I also noticed a few other things here and there, like creative animation, and detail spent on drawing background people in crowded places.

Additionally, this episode was rich in insight on what it feels like to be a schoolkid and what the world seems like when you are Mob's age. It's a chaotic, dramatic world where feelings change hourly. Stupid things seem important. You must avoid getting mocked. Etc, Etc. Sometimes it's good to get into the minds of younger people to understand them better instead of dismissing them-- even if it makes you remember your own cringe school days.


Thanks for reading~


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