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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #21

Welcome. We've got a few weeks left before all the episodes of 2022 anime are covered. I know it's already 2023, but I want to finish these posts. They will be released within a few days of each other as I hurry and watch the last few episodes.

(Did I mention I have a raging crush on Makima?)


Shadows House: Season 2 Episode 8

The group of peers meets again, compiling all the information learned from Louise, Patrick, and John. They all try to deduce the identity of the culprit behind the phantom incident. Kate narrows it down by process of elimination to the shadow she believes is responsible. Emilico then confirms Kate's hypothesis with a piece of her own strong evidence. During the phantom incident, only one living doll infected with soot sickness had a clean face. If one’s face is clean, it means they accepted the scorch’s possession without struggling. The one with a clean face was Rosemary.

That night, Kate's group and John's group arrive at the great hall where the living dolls report for cleaning. The mysterious robed figure is there. The children reveal the truth: the culprit is Maryrose. She removes her robe and hood to prove them right. But before removing the robe, she also verbally attacked Kate, saying that she's calculating, keeping secrets, and manipulating her friends. After all, Maryrose says, Kate is a special morph too. She can remember life as a shadow from before she began to mimic a human. This information was keenly interesting to me. Next time, we'll find out Maryrose's motives and reasoning.

(Maryrose is the robed figure)


Spy x Family: Episode 21 (2nd Cour Episode 9)

We were introduced to the character of Fiona Frost, AKA nightfall. She is trying to take Yor’s place as Loid’s fake wife because she is secretly in love with him. I was pretty disappointed in this episode and in the writing for Fiona. My reasons are: 1) it would have been better to have a female character who isn’t obsessed with the male main character; and 2) the whole jealous second woman trope is so overused and lacking in comedy. I can only hope the next episode is better, but I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with Fiona for the rest of the series. Ugh. Well, on the plus side, all the parts with Anya were cute. The last few minutes showing the mini episode about Anya and Bond was really entertaining.

(Fiona Frost)


Summertime Render: Episode 21

You can color me surprised. I didn't think they would bring Ushio back. Or rather, I didn't want to hope that was what the seashell was for. But it's true. Ushio came back. Intense mental gymnastics were required for me to understand how she came back, but I think I finally get it now. Now that Ushio is back, there's much more hope for Shinpei and company being able to stop the shadows at the festival. In other news, Shide is terrifying. I think his quiet calmness and cheerfulness at the festival as a human makes him much scarier than when he's a monster with yellow eyes. He's a great villain.

(Shide's human clone)


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 21

The final battle begins between Animus and the forces of Anima. Working together and using their combined attack, the remaining knights destroy the twelfth golem. Afterward, Animus activates the Biscuit Hammer. Using Yuuhi's spirit as the key, Anima activates her giant space doll, Blues. Unfortunately, Blues is not strong enough to completely destroy the Hammer. However, Samidare finishes it off with a huge punch of psychic power and space debris. Animus says he's going to build the Hammer again, so the knights challenge him to one last fight. To be continued.

As usual, the visuals in this episode sucked. However, there are always a few good elements too, such as emotionally stirring music and fairly interesting characters. Only three episodes remain in this series. I'm excited to finish it off.

(Samidare Asahina)


Chainsaw Man: Episode 9

This episode continued the intensity of last time. The biggest reveal was that Makima is indeed some kind of devil or nonhuman entity. Since we didn't see the devils she contracted with, it's likely that she herself is a devil pretending to be a human. She killed most of the shooters, but the two toughest bad guys remained. Kobeni appeared and with a surprising show of desperate strength, drove the last two away. She saved Denji.

Unfortunately, Arai died protecting Kobeni. Actually, most of the humans in the four special forces squads were killed. The survivors are supposed to form a single squad after this, which will be led by Makima. However, with the tragedy that happened, some survivors are resigning rather than continuing the battle. I'm not surprised. The last thing I'm wondering for now is whether or not Aki is going to survive. He seems to be alive, but terribly wounded, and of course disturbed by Himeno's tragic death. I hope he recovers.



Thanks for reading~


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