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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews Week #4

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


Shadows House: Season 1 Episode 4

Despite some troubles and tension, this episode became heartwarming and mildly refreshing as the three dolls solved the mystery of the ghost. It was a nice break from the heavier stuff, but this episode also continued to provide new information. We learned about the veiled dolls, for example. As for the new characters, my reactions are pretty predictable. I felt sorry for Ram, disliked Barbie, and loved Shaun. I'm already getting attached to these characters, including Kate. It worries me what she might be up to at the end of the episode. I guess we'll have to find out what that's about later.


Spy X Family: Episode 4

Another fun and hilarious episode of Spy X Family! I don't feel like recapping the whole episode, but nearly all of it was enjoyable. The highlight for me was Yor bringing down a raging bull. It was sad when Anya cried a little. The interview didn't go well, but there is still hope for getting into the school if that headmaster calls them back.


Summertime Rendering: Episode 4

Wow. This episode finally, officially got me hooked on Summertime Render. There are so many interesting mysteries! I'm not sure where or how to begin sorting through them. I just love everything about the island, the shadows, the action/suspense, and the drama too. I wonder if that Ushio is really a shadow. Also, I think the glasses girl has been sent here to investigate and/or exterminate the shadows. They probably function like parasitic insects, and have a mother of the colony, or something like that. Mio's shadow did mention a mother, and imagery was used with a roach crawling on the ground. Anyway, I'll sort out all my thoughts later. This was a truly well-written and exciting episode! Can't wait for more!


Tokyo 24th Ward: Episode 4

Episode 4 was much more interesting than episode 3, meaning I didn't have to feel bored. Our heroes are depressed after failing to save everyone. The identity of Carneades remains a secret just like his abilities. The heart of the episode was Ran, whose determination to "change the world through art" brought hope to Shu and Kozue. Shu is back into heroism again after being down for a while.

I really like all the graffiti art shown in this anime. The visuals look good all around. The instrumental background music has been awesome too. Same with voice-acting. There was also some interesting information and discussion about the Hazard Cast System. The episode ends with the three heroes receiving a new dilemma, whilst Carneades hacks into the city's electronics once again. Can the boys save everyone this time?


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer): Episode 4

Although this episode felt at times very awkward and scattered, I still enjoyed it. The low quality of the animation is starting to bother me, but I'm trying to ignore it because I like the story and characters. Oh, there was something very surprising in Episode 4. It included a drinking scene and stated Yuuhi's age was 20. Presumably, this show is set in college, not high school like I previously believed. That's refreshing. Anime with adults is a nice change. Since Samidare didn't go drinking with the others, she's probably still 18 or 19, but her age was not stated. (Note: 20 is the legal drinking age in Japan.) Anyway, good episode.


Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer): Season 2 Episode 4

I absolutely loved this episode! Normally, this anime is pretty chill. However, today's installment was surprisingly intense. The battle with Gabriel was awesome. I love the character development of Mao and how much he has changed. It's nice to see him solidly on the "good" side. Of course, Emilia still has the duty of killing him some day. And that duty is going to be harder than ever now that Alas Ramus has become part of Emilia's heavenly armaments. It was really cute when Mao blushed and said he wasn't crying. I'm looking forward to more of this anime, not just for the character interactions, but also for the fantasy lore.


Sasaki and Miyano: Episode 4

So far, I love this anime. It's very calm, cute, and "healing." It can also be a little bit tense sometimes. For example, it was somehow painful to watch Miyano trying to work out his feelings toward Sasaki and his sexuality in general. It probably reminded me of myself back in the day, when I denied being bisexual. I also think Miyano is bisexual, since he had a strong crush on a girl in middle-school. But it might take him a while yet to accept that about himself. This show takes me back to being a silly teenager and the awkwardness of falling in love slowly with someone from school. I adore it.


Tomodachi game: Episode 9

The overdramatization in this series is humorous to me. There are still many elements I don't like, but overall, the third game is a lot more interesting than the second, and the writing is slightly better. This episode had some exciting and unexpected moments. I was moderately impressed. At the same time, I still can't take this show seriously. I'll keep watching it and see if anything changes. Oh, and one more note: the music and songs for this anime are pretty good. The opening song is really catchy. Plus, the voice acting seems mostly good (just a little too dramatic at times).


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