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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews Week #6 (Oct 2nd)

Welcome, guys, girls, and others! Today we continue going over some episodes from recent anime series. These eight series are from 2022, with the exception of Shadows House season one, from 2021. You may notice that although I have a good sampling of anime from winter-summer, I don't have any series yet from the new Fall 2022 season. I haven't yet decided what to do about that. I might include a few new series as I continue these episode reviews. For now, let's cover the ones I've already started. Let's get this cart rolling!

Note: This post was supposed to be released Sunday, October 2nd. I'm only just posting it now because I fell behind.


Shadows House: Season 1 Episode 6

In this installment of Shadows House, the debut continues with various tests for the living dolls. It was entertaining to watch. I'm starting to like Lou more as we see her personality start to show. The character development for all the dolls in the debut has been great. Their choices for items to bring into the maze reflect their individual ways of thinking. This is the closest thing we have ever seen to dolls being encouraged to think. So, I'm not surprised that Emilyko is having fun with the challenge. It was nice to see Ram working with her.

As far as the many mysteries of Shadow House go, there is so much we still don't know. We are only getting tiny bits of information each episode. I've started to think about some of the clues. It's possible that every Shadow can control soot to some degree. If so, then the Great Grandfather has the most control over it. Perhaps he makes the living dolls out of the soot material. In other words, the living dolls are full of that magic soot, in the same way as Emilyko's stuffed toy. That's just one idea, but the implications are vast and frightening. It would mean the black powder is alive and always creating more of itself. If put into some kind of shape, it becomes a living doll. If it isn't given a shape, it turns into a ghost. I am interested to see if my theory has any truth to it. As usual, I can't wait for more Shadows House!


Spy X Family: Episode 6

Anya goes to the orientation ceremony of Eden Academy following a kidnapping attempt wherein Yor saved her. At the event, Anya is bullied by Damien, the son of Twilight's target, Desmond. After trying to put up with it for a while, Anya eventually loses her temper and punches the boy brat. Unfortunately, this means she has already lost one of her eight points needed to stay enrolled in Eden. To qualify for a social event with the Desmonds, Anya also has to earn eight merit stars called stellas. It's going to be a long road. The episode was very fun and as usual Anya is adorable.


Summertime Render: Episode 6

This episode was not as intense as the last, but it was a nice break. I'm impressed with the sharp mind of Hizuru/Ryunosuke. I also want to know more about her and the incident of the deaths of people she cared about fourteen years ago. When she killed the shadow-Alan, it was quite impressive. It was also humorous but slightly out of place to see Shinpei asking for an autograph. Now that Hizuru knows Shinpei is a time-traveler, things should be a little easier. I really like the art, animation, and face expressions in this anime. Everything looks great.


Tokyo 24th Ward: Episode 6

In this important episode, we learned about the Kanae system and the forbidden technology that lets it run. Although it was mildly upsetting to see that, as well as watch Koki betray Ran, it still felt underwhelming somehow. There are no real details about how the Kanae System or the brain-hacking phone calls from Asumi work yet. There seems to be a lack of high stakes, too.

I think some people are comparing this anime to Psycho-pass. To me, it's obvious that Tokyo 24 cannot compare to Psycho-pass. But importantly, it's not trying to. Tokyo 24 is its own show with its own unique flavor. It's not supposed to be another Psycho-Pass. Despite some ups and downs, I'm still enjoying it. I'll keep watching and see if things improve in terms of action, excitement and/or psychological elements.


Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer): Episode 6

Yuuhi struggles with a mental scar after the sudden death of Shinonome, who died to protect him. It was a surprisingly heavy episode. I enjoyed it since I like character psychology. The new knights were all pretty cool, but I don't know their names yet. The horse knight seems awesome, and although a little bit brusque, the snake knight is also impressive. I can't stand the crow knight, however. Compared to last episode, I enjoyed this chapter more, probably because there wasn't much of the romance between Yuuhi and Sami. I want to root for them, but the fact that Sami isn't 18 yet bothers me.


Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer):

Season 2 Episode 6

Mao and company begin working at the beach shack. Emilia and the girls help them out. At night, a few demons arrive in the fog. One of them is Camio, a birdlike demon and old friend of Satan. Mao rescues the wounded Camio and tries to figure out what's going on. It turns out that Camio was attacked by none other than Amano, the mysterious lady who runs the beach shack. This episode was entertaining and Camio was cute in his mini form. I really liked Amano, so I'm glad there's more to her character. However, she may be an antagonist for the purposes of our story. We'll see more next time.


Sasaki and Miyano: Episode 6

I feel like all I ever say about this anime is that it's super cute. I should probably say more, but there isn't a lot coming to my mind. I always enjoy these calming episodes of Sasaki and Miyano and I find the two of them absolutely adorable. In this episode, we saw more of Miyano agonizing over his thoughts about Sasaki. He still doesn't give a real answer to Sasaki's confession yet, but he promises to give it more consideration. I thought it was interesting that Sasaki has never liked a guy so far yet besides Miyano. He also didn't specify if he liked girls or not, but he probably does. He is most likely bisexual like Miyano. Cute episode as usual.


Tomodachi Game: Episode 11

In case I haven't said it clearly before, here it is. Despite this anime's many problems, it does a good job with building excitement and suspense. It's difficult to resist watching the next episode once you're a certain degree into the show. As for this episode, things got rather dark for our characters. Shibe's father has died and it looks like Shibe is being accused of committing the murder. Shiho has vanished. Kokorogi got kidnapped and may be undergoing physical or sexual assault or abuse. Since it's clear Yuuichi does have a conscience and cares about others, I wonder what he will do to try saving everyone.


Thank you for reading~

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