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Anime 2022 Episode Reviews: Week #7

Welcome, everyone! It's time to continue the episode reviews for 7 different anime series chosen from across 2022. There's also Shadows House (first season) from 2021. This post contains my brief response to the final episode of Tomodachi Game. Starting next week, the slot previously belonging to Tomodachi Game will do to a Fall 2022 of my choosing. I haven't decided which one yet. Anyway, let's get started.


Shadows House: Season 1 Episode 7

The test continues for the living dolls at their debut. Working together, Emilyko's group is able to figure out where the Shadow masters are on the map. Now everyone just needs to rescue their masters. The character dynamics in this episode felt slightly forced and over-the-top, if I'm being honest. The show went a bit too far suggesting different ships and pairs. I can overlook that as long as it doesn't keep happening too much. Also in episode 7, we learned that Ram has several interesting talents that she's using to help the group. It was a good episode.


Spy X Family: Episode 7

School is a scary place for Anya, who has to deal with hearing everyone else's mean, judgmental thoughts. However, she also has a friend already named Becky. Despite Anya's best efforts, Damien doesn't accept her apology. It seems that friendship between them is unlikely to ever happen. Anya also has trouble with studying later. It's a tough time for her. Loid is also having a rough time as he worries about the mission, but Yor comforts and encourages him. This episode was full of cute Anya moments and silly humor, mixed with relatively serious stuff. It makes me want to hurry up and watch the next episode.


Summertime Render: Episode 7

The series keeps getting better and better with each episode. My favorite thing about this installment was learning about how Hizuru/Ryunosuke is made of two personalities. It's nice to have a neurodivergent character who isn't a villain. Rei Kagamiya, the seiyuu who voiced Shiori, did a great job with making her character sound creepy as hell. Nezu the hunter is a pretty cool character. I know Hizuru told Shinpei not to worry about the what ifs of the difference between shadows and humans, but I can't stop wondering about it. It's extremely interesting stuff. I am loving this thriller anime and can't wait for the next episode!


Tokyo 24th Ward: Episode 7

We're just not going to talk about how stupid it is that in this universe, developing your chest muscles lets you make tastier bread. We're also not going to talk about how unlikely it is someone could fall asleep while in the bath and not wake up whilst they are drowning. Anyway, it's interesting and cool that Shuuta's family bakery helps the Food Bank. I wonder what Tsuzugawa is hiding from Koki. I hope they meet Carneadas soon and confront him. That's about it for this episode; it was entertaining enough but not great. I would also like to add that Kinako is adorable.


Hoshi no Samidare: Episode 7

Both the beginning and end of the episode were intense, with calmer happenings in between for the most part. The beginning showed Yuuhi moved to tears by the realization that Shinonome's magic wish was for him to inherit his fighting skills. The middle of the episode was filled with meeting the other Beast Knights. There are a lot of them. There were twelve, but with two of them dead, there are now ten in total. Also in this episode, there was a brief appearance of Animus the Wizard, our antagonist. At the end of the episode, Samidare rallies her ten knights together and gives them an inspiring speech for the upcoming battles. Note: I think my favorite knight besides Yuuhi is Hakudo the Snake Knight.


The Devil is a Part-timer! Season 2: Episode 7

In this installment, Camio the demon bird general tells everyone that a legion of demons is coming to the human world to look for the sacred sword that Emilia wields. The demons were all riled up and their realm is now in chaos like this thanks to Olba, the evil human. Emilia, Mao, and Lucifer work together to calm the invading demons. They sent the demon army home and used Amane's help to close the Gate to the other world. I didn't really catch what mythical figure/creature Amane is, other than something related to a dragon. I'll look into the lore later.

The funniest part of the episode was when Mao said he'd someday dominate everyone and Emilia got flustered, clearly thinking of "dominate" in a sexual sense. She's such a tsundere.


Sasaki and Miyano: Episode 7

In the next installment of this cute, healing anime, Sasaki is having trouble because he's eager to hear Miyano's answer, but doesn't want to rush him. Miyano briefly reunited with his middle school crush and came to the conclusion he is no longer in love with her. A few other things happened, but that's the gist. My impression of this episode was good. I am glad Sasaki has self-control and doesn't force himself on Miyano. I'm also glad to see Miyano getting closure about the past and becoming more mature as he grows. Finally, I'm excited for next episode to see Miyano cross-dress!


Tomodachi Game: Episode 12

The last episode of Tomodachi Game was dark, intense, and felt lengthy. My general opinion of it was neutral. It managed to make me feel some suspense despite not taking this anime seriously. There was at least one thing that bothered me: the stereotype of the hulking black gang member. Racist stereotypes are not okay. That was a major hit to my enjoyment of the episode. Otherwise, the loose ends were tied up, and the next game is going to begin with Shibe on "trial" for murder. That's where it ends. I can't say I'm exactly hoping for a second season, but I'm expecting one soon. I'll probably write a review of Tomodachi Game as a series before too long.


Thank you for reading~

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